Formerly a waitress at Anteiku, a week or so prior to its complete and utter annihilation, Misamune is a young ghoul that longs for a simple, human life.

Misamune Akahoshi

Qva misamune

Jokers misa

Name Misamune Akahoshi
User /u/KiraKhameleon_
Species Ghoul
Status Berserk
Age 19
Gender Female
Birthday February 2nd
Affiliations Anteiku (formerly)
Ward 14th
Rating B
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Sporting a slim physique, Misamune happens to be slightly taller than her demographic's average height. Her long, brown hair (of lighter variety) is reasonably thin.


Misa appears to have a loose control over her emotions, as seen in Starfall, but is otherwise a talkative and somewhat sceptical person. She isn't below deception, a feat that she seems naturally apt at, and she has a tendency to read into things, bordering on paranoia.

It's clear that all she really wants is to live a quiet, human life, free of any ghoulish influence. As a result, she distances herself from her kind, immediately inclined to distrust any that she comes across.


Nothing special, will be withheld regardless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: For a ghoul, her raw speed and strength are of average quality, and are nothing outstanding.
Weaknesses: However, she suffers from rather lackluster regeneration and a delicate, frail body.


Type: Koukaku

Appearance: Jagged spikes form a shoulderguard of sorts, and the rest of the crimson kagune is essentially a jagged blade that covers and encases the outside of her right-arm. It's pretty standard affair really.

Strengths: For a Koukaku, it happens to be surprisingly light, and the kagune still maintains the sturdiness you'd expect from a Koukaku.

Weaknesses: The kagune is still, however, as stiff and unwieldy as expected from a Koukaku.

Mechanics: None outside of the usual "slash or stab the bad things".


Thread Thread Description
Starfall - Duality Tasked with holding off any stray investigator, Misa encounters Kayami in the field.
Shopping Threads and Stuff Weeks after the events of Starfall, both participants recovered, Misa reaches out to Kayami for a more relaxed chance to talk things over.
Closing Time Towards the end of a long shift, the waitress meets Kayami for the first time.
The Angry Interview Misamune secures a job in Anteiku as a waitress, and some random mugs also comment on the post.
The Cold Shoulder A scavenging hunt goes horribly wrong.


Name Details
Nikki Futago Misamune is suspicious of Nikki and his establishment, but other than that she til likes the manager. She didn't know much about him, but had some respect for his goals, even if it nearly put her identity on the line. Whatever happened to him and the other employees is still a mystery to her.
Kayami Mizushina Misamune met Kayami at Anteiku twice, once during a normal evening and the other during a full-scale raid on it. Despite knowing little about eachother, Misa is fond of the near-stranger who was kind enough not to ruin her life.
Kuroneki Osiris Messy.


  • "I'm gonna guess that you're... the manager? Unless, you know, you're not." - To Nikki
  • "I don't trust my perception of time" - To Kayami
  • ”Sure, just make me wait until I get heatstroke, that’ll be fine…” - To a non-present Kayami


  • Despite being a ghoul, she isn't that keen on coffee.
  • Despite having little presence in the sub, I've already managed to make myself regret multiple choices that I've made with her.
  • Drawings of her have been kindly supplied by both our lord and saviour, Qvalador, and JokersMaze, who is currently anonymous and on the run.
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