Moriko Mizuki

Moriko by Kira

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Name Moriko Mizuki
User /u/FogKight22
Alias One-Eyed Cat
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 29
Gender Female
Height 167 cm - 5'6"
Blood Type AB
Affiliations :re
Ward 20th Ward
Rating SSS
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Moriko Mizuki (瑞妃森子, Mizuki Moriko), is a artificial half-ghoul who wanders around the wards of Tokyo. Although her past-life is unknown, it was the catalyst for her current status as an infamous and powerful kakuja ghoul. She is known by the CCG and others as the One-Eyed Cat (隻眼のネコ, Sekigan no Neko).

However, after Nikki Futago's death, Moriko has abandoned her murderous life and proceeded with a much more peaceful one, founding :re. That also had ended after being killed by one of the Red Sun's mistresses, Zhi Yun


Moriko is a ghoul with the height of 5'6" and seemingly average body. She has a long scarlet-colored hair that reaches her hips as its bang covers her left eye. She has both light-violet eyes as the left one may turn into a kakugan without control at times. Even though her bang covers her left eye mostly because of the kakugan, she also has a scar on that eye. Moriko also wears red-rimmed eye-glasses.

Casually, she would wear dark brown shirt with a light brown undershirt beneath it, along with a necklace that has three jaguar teeth attached to it. Moriko would also wear dark jeans and black sneakers.

During her ghoul activities on the streets, she would wear a black jacket which features a hoodie along with extra clothing to hide possible female's biological traits. She also produces an animated kakuja mask to cover her face as it also produces a distorted voice as full-kakuja form would.

Her kakuja form is shaped into some sort of gigantic feral beast which consists of mostly dark-red protective skin around the body with some shades of light pink around its back. It would also shape a face that would be reminiscent to Chesire Cat from Alice in the Wonderland except with one eye, which is the one-eyed kakugan. Its green tail with sharp edges around its sides along with its end point is also found on the kakuja's back.

After Moriko has fully changed, she stopped wearing both her glasses and teeth necklace, replacing those apparels with Nikki's own eye-patch as neck-wear. Moriko's manager uniform consisted of crimson red shirt with rolled-up sleeves, especially considering the summer weather, along with a small, sleeveless, black vest worn over it. Moriko also wore black trousers with formal shoes of the same color.

Personality Edit

Moriko has shown no signs of compassion as she always depended on manipulation and deception throughout her ghoul-life. Tricking and killing people to earn what she needs and wants, and despises when someone has gotten her restricted. She isn't quite friendly to other civilians as she has no interest in knowing others unless they have something that satisfies her curiosity.

She also exhibited extreme sadistic behavior and psychopathic personality against many people, whether they are ghouls or investigators. It is yet to be known why she has that sort of behavior though.

After Nikki has finally died, Moriko has exhibited a huge changer within her personality. No longer the maddened and blood-thirsty ghoul she used to be but instead, became more of a very kind and soft woman who deeply cares for people. The woman would try her best to also make up for her mistakes towards people she messed up their lives with, unfortunately except for CCG though.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powerful Strength: Moriko has possessed high levels of strength during fights. While she has been shown to be a somewhat proficient Hand-to-Hand combatant in a spar with Veli Batsu, it pales in comparison to experienced fighters. Moriko only knew the essentials.


Strengths: Moriko was undeniably powerful in all aspects related to strength and speed, fulfilling the criteria of being one of the SSS rated ghouls within Tokyo as a whole.
Weaknesses: While extremely powerful and also a bit proficient in melee combat, Moriko doesn't have the proper combat experience her other counterpart, Nikki, has. Moriko's comfort combat role is that of being a behemoth kakuja rather than a normal fighter.


Type: Bikaku

Appearance: Moriko possesses a bikaku kagune which takes the form of a long, green colored tail with sharp edges around its side and end point.

Complete Kakuja State: Moriko has a complete Kakuja. From the looks of it she retains complete sanity while using the Kakuja and her powers are greatly increased. While in Kakuja form, her speed is immense to the point where she can move fast enough for multiple ghouls to fail to even perceive her movements. She also has immense durability as her Kakuja armor seems to take very little to no damage from normal attacks. Her stamina so far seems to be very high. The damage potential of the Kakuja is huge due to her many ways to attack her opponents with extremely destructive Kagune-based weaponry. Overall, her Kakuja seems to make her an incredibly powerful enemy.

Mechanics: Acts a protective and power boosting armor.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Wintertide — Colorless Encounter Arc The first combat situation which involved Moriko battling for the first time against The Colorless, along with an encounter with two CCG investigators, Kristof Brandt and Kosei Waller.
(Eye for an Eye) - ハイブリッドの目を覚めた Arc Moriko had found an artificial one-eyed ghoul and prowled at him for an interrogation, trying to learn if Satoshi had gone back to his usual work again. After realising that the victim was indeed a half-ghoul, Moriko felt the initial obligation to kill him, not wanting to be replaced. However before she was about to consume him, the crazed kakuja then thought that would be the perfect chance to bait Nikki into 11th Ward, getting her chance to finally meet him after so long to fulfill her vengeance.
(Eye for an Eye) - An Uninvited Guest Arc Moriko had invaded Aogiri Tree's base to look for her former friend, Nikki, after baiting him and Anteiku into coming over for the gigantic conflict that brewed over half-ghouls. The kakuja battled Shuukaku, killing Takashi in the process, then encountered with Jack. Moriko found Nikki as well but since he was occupied, she decided it wasn't the time just yet.
Starfall - Duality Arc Moriko, as the One-Eyed Cat, had interrupted the supposed extermination of Gemini as Anteiku had been raided. Moriko wouldn't accept that Nikki would die by anyone's hands besides hers, even though the other ghoul was knocking death's door already.
Monochrome - :re Arc Moriko had found two of her supposedly missing employees in bad conditions and brought them back to :re, leaving everyone confused on who actually attacked them.
Monochrome - Checkmate Arc Moriko had finally discovered the culprit involving with all what has been happening in 20th Ward, which turned out to be The Red Sun. The :re manager had encountered one of its leaders, Zhi Yun, and tried to resolve this in a potentially peaceful manner but that failed and a brutal fight came out of it. In the end, Yun was too powerful for even the One-Eyed Cat and that was how Moriko had been brutally eviscerated, passing away in the process.
Reading is Fun! Interaction Moriko was enjoying her free time as a civilian with some reading, encountering various characters in the process.
The Raven's First Cry Interaction Moriko, as the crazed kakuja known as One-Eyed Cat, had interrupted supposed pair of sisters, one whom was definitely an investigator while the other was under her protection. It didn't go well for the pair.
Wolves and Sheep Interaction Moriko had encountered with Serafina, a mercenary, in two instances. One as a sadistic kakuja and another as a normal civilian. It was also within the first encounter she kept around the knife that Serafina had used to attack the crazed kakuja.
Zanizbar Interaction Moriko entered a bar called Zanzibar, since the name alone seemed interesting to her. The civilian kakuja had then encountered its bartender, The Broker, as they started well enough at first until Moriko noticed the waste of potential he was, since he used to be much stronger. After a very heated argument, both of them calmed down and left the possibility of meeting again open.
A Cat's Coffee Interaction Moriko, in her civilian guise, proceeded to check out Anteiku and get an idea how Nikki had been doing with his establishment while he wasn't there at the time. In that instance, she once again had encountered Hayato who both served her and figured her actual identity out. Both had a conversation which ended with a foreboding warning about Isadora before the kakuja left the establishment, content with what she learned.
Sleepless Nights Interaction Moriko, as One-Eyed Cat, had decided to abduct Laure as her victim to torture and toy with so she could satisfy her own severe case of extreme withdrawals and insanity.
So Long, Hibernation — Day 1  Interaction The first day of sadistic torture had begun, with Moriko playing with Laure as her personal toy to mess around with. It especially helped thanks to Laure's more than impressive regeneration capability. It was simply a session filled with pain and misery to satisfy Moriko's twisted self.
So Long, Hibernation — Day 3 Interaction The third day was different from the usual, starting off with Moriko gifting Laure a new blanket for him. It was the start of Moriko's self-realisation on how much of a monster she was while possessing some aspect of humanity still. It was mostly Moriko getting to know her captive more without any semblance of actual torture.
So Long, Hibernation — Day 5 Interaction Moriko's personal turmoil had reached its boiling point, revealing extreme case of self-hatred right in front of her supposed captive. It was a maddening sequence of events with Moriko ripping off her kakuja mask violently and laughing maniacally while muttering her frustrations loudly. It then ended with Moriko venting to Laure.
New Moon Interaction Being a pivotal moment in Moriko's self-realisation and change, the supposed vengeful kakuja had wanted to end Nikki herself but seemingly hesitate at the same time while not realising it. After encounters with the mysterious natural half-ghoul, which prompted involuntary sympathy, and two of Colourless members which consisted of Tadashi and Akane, Moriko realised the errors of her judgement against Nikki. After being distraught over Nikki finally dying, Moriko decided to change her ways and help with establishing the next incarnation of Nikki's personal dream, :re.
Re:Launch Interaction It was the grand opening of the new coffee shop establishment in 20th Ward, known as :re. Moriko was shown to have anxiety about managing her own establishment just like Nikki did but at the same time, she persevered as she knew she had to do it and make Nikki proud. Moriko also had interactions with Tadashi, Akane, Ayumi, and others.
Re:Work Interaction Another day of :re work, Moriko and rest of the employees continued on with their shifts while the day had been busy for the cafe. Moriko then served and interviewed Arisu, accepting her into :re's staff.
Reconciliation Interaction During the manager's work shift in :re, Moriko had encountered with a familiar-looking customer who turned out to be Serafina, the mercenary in the past. Moriko believed this was a chance for continuing on her path to redemption, attempting to get along with the suspicious mercenary until it was decided to bring her back the knife. It ended with both getting into equal terms, with Moriko unaware of Serafina's true intentions in doing that.
You Missed a Spot Interaction At the time, the :re work shift consisted of being filled with chores and cleaning processes to undertake for both the manager and the employees. Moriko then started to talk with one of her employees, Hikari, while cleaning her own share of things.
Another Day, Another Interview Interaction After Moriko had served one of her customers, she was encountered by a potential new employee for :re staff, Wu. An interview then went through and he was approved to join the staff soon after.
Tell-Tale Rail Oneshot The very first instance of Moriko appearing in the TGRP setting, showcasing her ominous nature as a ghoul.
The Cat's Interest Oneshot Moriko came back to her home after fighting against The Colorless and encountering the CCG investigators, remembering how both had went and fulfilling her curiosity involving one of the said investigators. After that, the calmed kakuja impulsively searched herself and Nikki, finding a headline involving their disappearances in 2005.
Shopping is Fun! Oneshot Distracted Moriko was purchasing specific tools and supplies, feeling severe levels of withdrawals which involved brief flashbacks to the past and extreme case of self-loathing. The supplies were going to be used against her upcoming potential victim.
Endless Reminiscence Oneshot Moriko still hadn't moved on from her past as the atrocious being of Tokyo known as the One-Eyed Cat, suffering from recurring nightmares involving her past heinous acts. However, Moriko was adamant into proving Nikki was right and that she could redeem herself.


Name Details
Tadashi Hisakawa In the past, he used to just be a play object of interest for Moriko to keep an eye on ever since Wintertide, looking forward to his potential development. After Nikki's death though, Moriko had changed and had been trying to redeem herself in front of Tadashi, hoping for a potential reconciliation.
Akane Hayashi Akane had been viewed in a very similar fashion as Tadashi after Wintertide, especially that both Tadashi and Akane were the victims she personally tortured the most during their first encounter. After Nikki's death, she had been trying to redeem herself in front of Akane as well just like Tadashi.
Ayumi Miyazono Moriko, while initially felt against the natural half-ghoul during their first encounter, showcased a scenario of involuntary sympathy the moment Ayumi made it known that she was also a half-ghoul, just in a different manner. Moriko felt interested in learning more about Ayumi during the interview for :re in the process and felt like she would be a great person to work with.
Hatsu Laure Laure was supposed to be just a simple torture toy for Moriko to play with as One-Eyed Cat, attempting to please her more sadistic desires after feeling supposedly severe withdrawals. However, it turned out that Moriko had been bottling up her self-loathing and extreme frustration on how her left turned out to be in front of Laure. Moriko also offered a kind offering with a blanket for Laure as well, showcasing potential humanity that still lived within Moriko and paving way for her redemption after Nikki's death.
Veli Batsu Moriko has shown interest towards Veli after she encountered her in Book Joint. At first, she was irked by Veli's apparent clueless knowledge and behavior but after their sparring along with few interactions during that spar, she has shown curiosity and liking towards Veli. Veli is the only person Moriko has given her a name to call her with before her real name was revealed, which was Katze.
The Colorless Moriko has encountered the members of the Colorless faction during Wintertide at one of the nights in an alley of 8th Ward. At first, she didn't think of them as much until the fight progressed even more, increasing her interest after she decided to give them a wake-up call for each of them. Their idealism, as much as it was interesting and noble in her eyes, was too naive and ambitious and they needed to improve on that, she thought as she tortured and defeated them. Moriko hopes that the encounter has made the Colorless to realize their mistakes, killing them if they won't improve upon that. She has met some of the members in Book Joint as she was interested in Tadashi Hisakawa and Hayato Yoshikune while playing with Yutaka Kirino's sanity even more. Moriko would like to meet Akane Hayashi once again though.
Kristof Brandt Moriko has noted Kristof's bravery and noble features during their encounter in a ware-house at 8th Ward after she has hidden The Colorless members, earning her interest towards him. She proceeded to retreat after having a conversation about Kristof's opinions about defending ghouls against ghouls themselves, whom are Commission of Counter Ghoul's enemies, learning of Kristof's will of defending anyone against "evil", regardless of the species. Moriko also thought it would be a waste to fight him at the time as he has potential to grow as a proper investigator in her eyes, instead of attempting to kill him at that moment.
The Broker Moriko has visited The Broker's bar called Zanzibar in a whim as she had a craving for a drink after the incidents that were occurring that involved her. She met The Broker whom is the bartender of Zanzibar. They had a pleasant conversation at first until The Broker dropped a hint about his family's status, which Moriko took a note of after sniffing him, revealing the fact that he used to be a stronger ghoul than he currently is. She started to spew venomous comments towards his weakness and all until The Broker realized what he has been doing. Moriko then started to grow an interest towards him as she discovered that he was an information broker, and is looking forward to his return to how he used to be.
Daren Blackshire Daren entered Book Joint with loud music blasting from his headset as he proceeded to sit next to Moriko in the lounge, interrupting her reading session. Annoyed by the abrupt loudness, Moriko initially asked kindly for Daren to lower the music-volume, which he initially did but it was a ruse as he maximized the volume, annoying her even more. At first, she was tempted to chase him off from the book-store and possibly kill him, but she controlled herself as she conversed more with Daren. Daren quietly accused Moriko of being a strong ghoul, which she calmly denied as they proceeded to have a pleasant conversation. It resulted into Daren calling her KittKat while she calls him MJ as requested by him. Moriko developed an interest towards Daren while he sensed possible fear towards her, knowing that she is indeed an intimidating ghoul.




  • The drawing was made by /u/KiraKhameleon_
  • The kakuja sketch was made by /u/JokersMaze
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