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Nai is a young man, born and raised into a secluded cult of ghouls deep underground, Shuukaku, who has completed his original 'pilgrimage of blood', allowing him to be called a Harvester within the cult. Now he returns to the surface for reasons unknown.

Nai Hanashimasu
Name Nai Hanashimasu
User /u/CadaverCollector
Alias Scarecrow
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Birthday October 27th
Height 5'11" - 180 cm
Weight 132 lbs - 59 kg
Affiliations Shuukaku / Aogiri
Ward 11th
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating A
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As a young berserker Nai was a boy of relatively lithe build, with a general gaunt look about him. His eyes fluttered about, hawk-like in nature at a solid dark, nearing the void-like black of his pupils. They often had a tired, sleepless look about them. As a maturing harvester, Nai's frame grew more evidently masculine, while still retaining that emaciated appearance, if a bit downplayed.

A mostly messy mop of poorly bleached white hair, naturally light-brown, sat upon his tall head, having found dyes and such after venturing above ground, parted mostly off to the left side, occasionally it obscured an eye when not brushed out of the way. Whereas presently, the young harvester's hair attained a purer white, cut short and swept back.

However, the most glaring feature of the man would easily be the odd deformity of his mouth. As if his jaw were locked in place most of his life, this is confirmed by the fact that his mouth is sown-shut with thick, white stands of what could hardly be called thread, that enter just above and below the lips.

Most often, Nai was seen sporting a single piece robe-like cloth of dark colours tending to be flamboyantly flared outward, as well as frayed about the shoulders and hems. It fit rather loosely and was cut-out on either side, exposing much of his ribs, all the way down to the beginning of his hips. A constant about his attire was a buckle strapped tightly about his neck further restricting speech.

Now, Nai seems to show a relative understanding of the separation between ghoul and human society, electing to wear clothing reflective of how he need appear. Most recently, a more updated and 'classy' dark coat. It's chest flanked on either side by a line of stark white buttons, leading up to a frayed plumage similar to his prior robe.

Underneath the betrothed garb lies innumerable faintly discolored splotches of flesh, a coupling of the searings and lashings the boy received as a youth, during an integral time of growth, thus regenerating poorly, leaving visible marks.


Like many of the secretive and sequestered cult that Nai was born into, he has a very warped perspective of the world around him, truly believing that all is for his family, his brethren. Adhering to the strange rules and ideals of such an archaic group.

However, below the deeply indoctrinated vile surface of the boy, lied a genuine heart that still lived, breathed, and contained feelings untainted. Such as his unyielding curiosity and naivety about a world in which he had never been a part of, this often intersected, overcoming his cultish ways. And yet, Nai never once strayed from the long and tedious rituals that he must perform every day, less out of necessity and more of a ceremonial nature.

As a new berserker the cultist was enthusiastic about nearly everything, and perhaps he had to be in order to have communicated more effectively through his gestures, for he could not speak. Or perhaps he chose not to, or had possibly forgotten the ability after going through the detestable conditioning of his youth. Even over all of that, Nai remained exceedingly cheerful, rare it was to see him without a smile upon his face, threads tugging at his flesh all the while.

While there still remains emotions within, after his return to Tokyo from the Shuukaku caverns he has since appeared to suppress enthusiasm. Replacing it with a certain stoicism, and even at times a dark sarcasm, through the few words he now uses.


Nai's story begins as a young child, clad in nothing more than a repurposed sack of potatoes. Along with an elder twin brother, the two are taken deep into the labyrinthine caverns of Shuukaku, until eventually the pair is brought in fright before a grand monastery. It is there in which the school of Silence, a subset of the Shuukaku belief system, is based. Taking hold of only children of good stock to be institutionalized.

A 'mentor' takes the two children underneath their wing, spending the time to explain their place in the world as it is, and began the lessons of silence. This involved exposing the boys to numerous methods of physical and psychological torture for years, until any shred of their former, defiant nature had been stamped out. The sole purpose of which had been to force subservience as well as taking away their speech.

As a berserker, having completed his formal training within the caverns, Nai is sent off to the surface about the time in which this 'on-screen' timeline begins, to undergo the 'Pilgrimage of Blood'. A rite in which innumerable lives must be taken before one may return to the ancestral home and be made a harvester.


Powers and Abilities[]

Strengths: Nai excels at medium to long range combat. Mostly using his kagune to do battle as it extends and contracts, more often than not out-ranging most other combatants that do not make use of projectiles. His regenerative strength is notable as exceeding the usual capacity by a fair sum, of the average ghoul.

Weaknesses: Through exclusive use of kagune, finding himself in close quarters makes battle more difficult for the man, as his style involves consistent back-peddling, keeping a mid-distance to his foe, over this is mitigated fairly well with the introduced use of Takashi as a quinque. Nai's physical abilities are of little note, not easily surpassing many ghouls of average build.

Quinque: After having consumed Rin Zuki during the 12th Ward branch assault, Nai has taken back what had 'belonged' to the cult. A quinque composed from what remained of Takashi Ikusaki, an exceedingly sharp blade, most often found embedded within the man's flesh.

After his evolution to harvester of the cult, Nai is almost exclusively seen using the blade composed of his fallen brother in single engagements. To which now he appears adept in its use.

It appears as a fairly simplistic katana sword, thin, jagged, as ravening as the berserker of destruction was in life, and twice as sharp. It takes on a dark and pulsating purple hue, that on occasions, can glow bright with the fury of the dead.

Strengths: The Quinque inherits it's acute blade from Takashi's kagune, also holding a near weightless, 'featherlike' quality, two of the former cultist's greatest strengths. But perhaps, it's quality most reminiscent of it's host would be the jagged shape, a brutal implement that lusts only for essence, making it difficult to say whether or not Takashi Ikusaki truly died after all.


Type: Bikaku

Appearance: A decently thick segmented tail, pulsating a dull mix of purple and crimson. It can extend to quite a distance, flaring outward and caping off as a black maw. Pronged with four gnashing mandibles that can draw flesh into its mouth-like structure while tearing it apart. Very similar to the creature known as a bobbit worm.

Mechanics: Nai's kagune can extend as if a telescopic limb, as well as swiveling at any point of its segments thus able to snake about more easily in unnatural, angular motions. It may also act as a separate mouth, consuming and tearing flesh apart, milking its nutrients rather effectively.


Name Details
Takashi Ikusaki Takashi had been the very first ghoul hailing from the Shuukaku caverns that Nai came in contact with on the surface world. They did not know each other for very long, however in their short relationship, Nai looked on to Takashi as a guide for Shuukaku, giving them purpose. And now, as harvester, the cultist gazes upon the blade composed of Takashi's remains with a certain reverence and respect. Almost as if a religious symbol, etched with iconography.
Haruna Suzuki The sister of lore to the Shuukaku cult, Nai values her cheeriness as well as her intelligence, even if she cannot often understand his communication. Nai tends to go to her in order for something to be explained that he does not quite get, as are many of the differences from the caverns and the surface.
Kichirou Kurosawa Another acolyte whom Takashi Ikusaki mustered into the small gathering of bodies. Nai appears to trust the man and hold him in decent respect, especially after the 11th Ward Aogiri Raid. The pair seem to understand one another fluently, even without the means to directly communicate.
Juggernaut The iron giant first made their appearance during Nai's purification ritual. At first the Scarecrow had been entirely irritated by its arrival, even lashing out to tear away its flesh. However the boy grew very quickly to vilely enjoy the manner in which Juggernaut held him in such high light. However, sometime afterward, Nai seemed to share a deeper bone with the large cultist, seeing his own biological brother within.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
A Mute Point One-Shot A young Nai, then referred to as 'Two' had been shackled and blindfolded deep within the caves that hosted Shuukaku, along with another boy of similar description. There they endured numerous tortures in their 'mentor's' hopes of silencing them from pain.
Shuukaku Interaction The first meeting between Nai, Takashi Ikusaki, and Haruna Suzuki is detailed. After the other beserker's grand entrance two the 11th Ward Aogiri base Nai snuck in shortly behind, from which he first met Tojo whom he admired for being able to decipher his 'speech', together they worked to integrate Shuukaku into Aogiri Tree.
Eye for an Eye - 11th Ward Aogiri Raid Arc The CCG arrive at the abandoned mall, from there Nai breaks off of the rest of Shuukaku and enters combat with Shinagati Renati an initiate. After the later is devoured entirely by the ghoul Junko Kobayashi happens upon him and is forced to retreat after a skirmish. Afterwards, he aids Takashi Ikusaki and Haruna Suzuki in a poor attempt at battling the One-Eyed Cat.
In Squalid Halls Interaction Just moments after Shuukaku's defeat against the kakuja, as well as the death of Takashi Ikusaki, they gather in the filth-ridden sewer tunnels beneath the collapsing mall and mourn their lost brother. There they also encounter a mysterious beserker by the name of 'Kabuto'.
Morning Wood(en) Bookshelves Interaction Shortly after escaping the ire of the One-Eyed Cat and exiting the sewer tunnels, the cultist make their way to Haruna Suzuki's 11th ward archive, in which the members began to settle for at least temporary lodging in the wake of the schism of Aogiri Tree. From there, Haruna took Nai to a bathhouse sometime after, sharing each other's pasts.
Dote in Idolatry Interaction A small while after receiving orders from Kota Okada of Aogiri Tree Nai instantly gathered the members of Shuukaku to accomplish their given task of havoc. From which they entered into a 16th Ward open-concert of Momozuki. There the cult slaughtered numerous bystanders, whilst Nai devoured Sango Kisaragi.
Flagellation Interaction Having broken the tenants of Silence during the concert slaughter, Nai feel into the deep need to absolve his sins. Spending three days and three nights sequestered within Haruna Suzuki's archive, self-mutilating in a bizarre benediction ritual. During this time, a cavern dweller known only as 'Juggernaut' makes an appearance, disrupting the occurrence and causing Nai to consume a chunk of their flesh.
Candlelight -- 12th Ward Branch Assault Arc As always, the dogs of Shuukaku work alongside the worms of Aogiri Tree in their continued effort to complete their collective pilgrimage. It is during this attack upon the CCG that Nai engages the rank 2 investigator Rin Zuki, and after a short, yet brutal clash, consumes her. As well as retrieving the essence once lost, in that of the quinque created from the berserker, Takashi Ikusaki.
Hems One-shot Numerous disjointed events, brushing on Nai's time and experiences spent in the subterranean cult of Shuukaku. As well as fleshing out the relationship between he and his biological twin.
Candlelight -- 11th Ward Ruins Arc The cultists of the surface had taken to the nostalgic ruins of Aogiri's previous base, the abandoned 11th Ward Mall. There, a force of the CCG, led by Kosei Waller investigated and eventually came to blows with Shuukaku. Coincidentally, so too had a group of The Colorless arrived to do the same. Nai fought with the CCG squad's leader and soon after Tadashi Hisakawa arrived. The boy did not fight back as the latter pummeled him near death. Juggernaut rescues Nai, and the two share a few words.
Monochrome - Crossroads Arc Shuukaku remains too idle, Nai muses upon this for a time, before being encountered by Chiyo Aikawa. They engage in a fairly brief combat, which ends in the Scarecrow's favor. He cannot force himself to kill Chiyo, desiring to see her become 'more'. Instead, he is contented with gouging an eye and surrounding the socket in illegible runes.


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