Nikki Futago

Nikki drawing


Name Nikki Futago
Japanese Name ニツキー ふたご
User /u/FogKnight22
Alias Gemini
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 30
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Affiliations Anteiku
Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku
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Nikki Futago (ニツキー ふたご) is a half-ghoul whom resides in 20th Ward. Although his past-life has yet to be revealed, it gave him the motivation to found a safe-haven for ghouls along with making a bridge between the two species, Anteiku. Even though he never involved himself in ghoul atrocities ever since founding Anteiku, his old alias was Gemini.

He often finds suicide victims and already deceased humans during his free-time to bring up as stock of food for both his employees and ghoul customers. He also sends his employees on those tasks at times if he has gotten plans.

Appearance Edit

Nikki is a male with the height of 5'8" and has a light muscular build. He has a medium length light blue hair which he dons in the usual pony-tail. It also leaves two strands in front of his ears. He also has a left brown eye and a right permanently activated kakugan which he hides by wearing the brown leather eye-patch over it. He also has a permanent middle deep scar on his face starting from the right side of his forehead until it reaches under his left eye.

While working in Anteiku, he usually wears his own Manager attire with a small tie-like bow.

While being casual, he usually wears a light blue shirt with a red under-shirt beneath, with a brown leather jacket on top of them. He also wears dark blue jeans and dark colored sneakers. At certain times, he wears a finger-less glove on his right hand just for a whim.

Nikki's kakuja is basically a dark crimson and deep purple-colored full-armor that covers all of his body, including his face, except for his shoulders and back portion of his lower legs. The kakuja armor can also form a organic blade with Nikki's right arm while with his left arm, he could form a gigantic gauntlet. However, Nikki can't use both of the weapons at the same time.

Personality Edit

Nikki is pretty much an approachable, charismatic, and kind half-ghoul in normal peaceful times of Anteiku and Tokyo in general. He loves to get to know as many people as he could, especially his own customers and employees, in Anteiku when they arrive. He also occasionally compliments women even during awkward times which could make them think that he would be a creep if he was talking to women much younger than him.

At times, Nikki exhibits unusual behavior patterns that may seem violent and sadistic. From suddenly saying violent phrases, to chuckling while breaking someone's limb. It is yet to be known why he has that sort of behavior though.

Powers and abilities Edit

General attributes Edit

  • Enhanced strength: The true extent of Nikki's strength is unknown, but from his current feats it is known that he has at least the enhanced strength of a ghoul. It is suspected that he's many times stronger than an average ghoul.
  • Immense speed: Nikki seems to be extremely quick, capable of moving before Maki Itokawa's Ukaku projectiles can truly reach their target. He also manages to move quickly enough to hit the latter before he can even notice.
  • Immense regeneration: Nikki seems capable of regenerating the massive wounds left by Maki's Ukaku with little to no effort at all. The true extent of his regenerative powers is unknown.
  • Immense durability and enhanced pain tolerance: Nikki easily takes several hits from Maki's Ukaku showing no visible signs of being in pain, put aside being knocked down or knocked out.

Kagune Edit

  • Rinkaku Kagune: From what's currently known about Nikki's Rinkaku from his fight against Maki is that it is extremely durable and can block very powerful attacks and strong, sharp projectiles travelling at sharp velocity. The true extent of his kagune's power is unknown.
  • Kakuja: Nikki is capable of summoning a tough Kakuja mask that can resist gunfire. Upon releasing the rest of his Kakuja, Nikki also gains partial armor covering some of his body, such as the chest and the shoulders. He can also create two different Kakuja weapons. Any further capabilities of the Kakuja remain unknown.
  • Kakuja Gauntlet: Nikki is capable of forming a massive, oversized gauntlet around one of his fists. This gauntlet's weight decreases his speed, but vastly increases his destructive potential - it is capable of completely obliterating opponents on impact.
  • Kakuja Blade: Nikki can also form a large Kakuja blade with immense durability and power behind it - Nikki's enhanced strength and the blade's sharpness means that it can cleave through almost anything. The blade is fairly light, which also Nikki to be able to dash around at high speeds and swing it at a similar pace, but still heavy enough to have plenty of force behind it when it hits.

History Edit

(To be unveiled)


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Newcomers — Anteiku Arc Nikki has trained with Hayato and Isadora before they proceeded to spar with each other. After that, Nikki proceeded to spar with Ayame while promising her that he would take her to shopping if she spars with him. After that, he started training with Maggie, which turned quite ugly at the end as Nikki proceeded to get her back to Anteiku and patch her up. At the end, Nikki came back and relaxed with Hayato and Isadora before it got too late, resulting into all of them leaving.
Corpse Collector (Sign-up) Arc Nikki noticed a suspicious decrease of suicide corpses available around 20th Ward, which was heavily concerning for Anteiku and their services. Nikki formed a meeting to discuss this situation and ask who would join him.
Corpse Collector Arc Nikki and Ayame grouped up together to investigate their own territory and find what was going on. There, they found Sierra carrying that said corpse away while both Nikki and Ayame were shocked. It turned ugly as Sierra was going through a destructive mood while attacking Nikki with her gun and tried to harm Ayame. However, Nikki used his kakuja mask, which was revealed for the first time, to defend himself and save Ayame. After that, he managed to calm Sierra down and got all three of them back.
Wintertide — 20th Ward Arc Nikki, along with Isadora, Hayato, and Ryu, formulated a plan to attempt with extracting Sierra away from CCG's hands. The three employees started fighting against the investigators Kouta and Fukov while Nikki sneaked to get to Sierra. He managed to reach her but Sierra refused to be saved. Sierra also didn't want to talk about her reasons to stay with CCG but she confirmed that she didn't tell the organization anything about Anteiku. Nikki proceeded to leave the vicinity while ordering his employees to do the same.
Eye for an Eye — Anteiku (Sign-up) Arc Nikki found a dying artificial half-ghoul right in front of the back-door in the alley. Nikki tried to help him but it was too late as the man stated One-Eyed Cat's message to him. After that, he formed a meeting with his employees to discuss the whole situation, possible plan, and whether they would want to join him or not. Although Nikki voiced the fact that he wouldn't expect people to join him in this dangerous mission.
Eye for an Eye — Anteiku Infiltration Arc Nikki and his employees proceeded with their plan to stealthy infiltrate Aogiri's base.
Eye for an Eye - 11th Ward Aogiri Raid Arc After infiltrating Aogiri base with Maggie being with him, they were stopped by a group of CCG investigators that were made of Taka, Jiro, and Katsou. Nikki continued fighting with them while Maggie retreated until One-Eyed Cat has appeared within the vicinity shortly after knowing that Aogiri base was rigged to blow.
Eye for an Eye — An Uninvited Guest Arc After hearing the loud crashing, Nikki quickly retreated from the fight to investigator what just happened. However, the moment he reached to his destination, Nikki discovered a very horrifying revelation. All those years after he abandoned her, One-Eyed Cat was discovered to be Moriko after years he thought she was gone. Nikki couldn't believe it as he then tried to order his employees to escape the vicinity while he would take care of the situation. However, Ren overheard Nikki and proceeded to start a fight with him. Nikki tried to solve this conflict in a pacifist manner but Ren was adamant about exterminating him. After realizing his efforts were useless, Nikki fought back and they both started to beat each other until explosions have occurred. After being temporarily stunned by Ren's quinque, he managed to take control back over his body and saved Ren from his demise, which ended the whole conflict peacefully. However, Nikki left the destroyed Aogiri base with the feeling of utter distraught.
Candlelight - Aogiri Tree/Anteiku Arc Nikki was on his way back to Anteiku after fruitless check-up on the branch office of 20th Ward, feeling frustrated about the whole thing. However, the manager came back with Anteiku being heavily damaged from both outdoors and indoors. Although he entered with Tadashi and, surprisingly, Asa. Nikki didn't mind too much of the damage while he then saw his old friend once again. However, when he tried to tease with her, things weren't going well. Especially when asked about the reasoning for the attack on Anteiku while Nikki and Tadashi were not fully convinced about Inquisitors ordering the operation.
Starfall - Duality Arc Anteiku Raid operation has finally commenced, with Nikki catching the news during the television broadcast with a wide grin on his face. Nikki was feeling ecstatic about finally letting loose while Anteiku finally died. However, he was doing the final favor towards himself to buy enough time for the employees to escape. As he exited the building, Nikki formed the kakuja armor in preparation for one last brutal fight of his life against CCG investigators.
Special Delivery One-Shot Nikki has met with Hayato and commented about how he "smelled like blood" while offering him a possible job within Anteiku. At the end of the one-shot, Hayato called Nikki and asked him about that job-offer once again.
Coffee and Smiles One-Shot Nikki has met with Kane and interviewed him for the job. Kane has been accepted and joined into the staff of Anteiku.
Cake and Coffee One-Shot Isadora has approached Nikki while he was doing his work with the suicide corpse so Anteiku would have more in stock. Isadora asked if she could have a job along with a hunting ground while Nikki accepted her first request while leaving the second one for further discussion.
Anteiku Training Results One-Shot Nikki was chronicling what has happened during the training with his Anteiku employees after checking up on injured Maggie. He also thought about his regrets before sleeping, ending the day.
Anteiku Interaction Nikki, along with his employees, have started serving people in the first social thread of TGRP.
Anteiku -- Maid Cafe Interaction A temporary event with all the employees, including Nikki, wearing maid outfits after the bet with Sierra.
Gemini's Reverie One-shot Nikki was suffering from a nightmare, delving more into his psychological state of mind.
First Day of Training One-Shot Nikki has started his training with Xeno, trying to get the younger ghoul to get used to his senses.
Labor Thanksgiving Day (Public Park) Interaction Nikki has been using his free-time to relax in Hamarikyu Gardens within 2nd Ward, meeting people in there.
The Gemini and The Blind One-Shot Nikki was continuing his training with Xeno but while thinking how the young man was reminding him of himself, he wondered about his morality.
Celebration at Yuureien Interaction Nikki and couple of his employees proceeded to check out Yuureien, an established nightclub in Tokyo. It was also when Nikki had encountered Shidu once more, leading up to them going into a more intimate room.
The Patient Gemini One-Shot (NSFW) Nikki and Shidu shared intimacy together after meeting up with each other within Yuureien.
ORDER UP! Interaction Nikki has entered Anthony's Restaurant, where Jack used to work in. After that, he has met up with Tatsuhiro and Kana. While getting to learn more about them, especially about No-Eyeds, Nikki was feeling anger building up before he proceeded to leave.
Late Night Meal (Anteiku) Interaction It was evening time as Anteiku continued to work. Nikki mostly served Daren and Veli within that shift. Nikki and Veli also had serious discussions during the time of the manager serving her.
Midday Sparring Interaction Nikki visited Veli's sparring center out of curiosity while wanting to check up on Veli. After that both of them proceeded to spar while unfortunately, Nikki dived into his violent urges and seriously damaged Veli. It resulted with him breaking down because of it while Veli comforted him before he left.
Tadashi Hisakawa - A New Home One-Shot Nikki has interviewed Tadashi for a job in Anteiku. At first it seemed like Tadashi was anxious but the interview went well, and Tadashi joined Anteiku.
New Employees Interaction New employees have been introduced within Anteiku while Isadora demanded from Nikki an answer about "behind-the-scenes" work that was mentioned before the shift began.
The Gemini's Fortitude One-Shot Nikki has visited, and intruded, Yuureien night-club after violently pushing a bouncer into the building. Rest of the security staff and customers were concerned while Nikki entered until Ran took him into a more private room. Nikki placed a very clear threatening warning to Inquisitors if they ever attempted to mess with 20th Ward once again.
Chance Meeting (Part 2) One-Shot Nikki was visited by the distraught Kazuki who got back after he, in a paranoid manner, thought he has killed Ayumi. Nikki was comforting the depressed young man until it was offered for Kazuki to start working in Anteiku, which would help with his unwillingness to hunt once again.
Christmas Sales! Interaction Nikki, as promised, has went to a shopping spree with Ayame. While he was teasing her about her room-mate, Nikki also attempted to help Ayame with buying something for him.
Festive Feeling Interaction Nikki has hosted a Christmas event within Anteiku to celebrate with all others in the coffee shop and brought presents for his employees.
Snowball Fight and Ice Skiing Interaction Nikki was walking around in Hamarikyu Gardens once again during the snowy weather. After a while, Nikki made a mischievous act against Isadora during her ice-skating activity.
The Unpleasant Reunion Interaction Nikki, being fooled by Inquisitors' framing against Aogiri, has intruded Maki's apartment. Both of them had an argument while Nikki needed to know where Xeno was but Maki, whom was innocent, proceeded to make it even worse. It ended with Nikki stopping himself from inflicting more damages on Maki as he realized that Aogiri was innocent.
The Flabbergasted Gemini Interaction Nikki was woken up by Hayato, whom gave him important intel about Xeno's whereabouts. It turned out that Xeno was kidnapped by Inquisitors which made Nikki form his own plan to take Xeno back.
Spelling Eternity Interaction Nikki found himself on a rooftop, standing against one of the two Inquisitors leaders, Ran. The man also held Xeno as hostage against Nikki. Nikki proceeded to shift into his kakuja form and started fighting against Ran, which was a brutal one. It even resulted into a loss of Nikki's arm but he emerged victorious until Shidu came in to stop it. Nikki proceeded to take Xeno with him and escape from the vicinity.
Kotowari - Chapter 12 Novel Nikki had come up at Anteiku's rooftop, encountering Tadashi up there alone. Both ghouls have made a brief but personal conversation between one another, ending with Nikki admitting that Tadashi will very likely become a better man than Nikki could ever hope to achieve.
Vincent's Interview One-Shot Nikki has met with Vincent as he was asked if there was a job position available. Nikki proceeded to interview Vincent, which went well. After that, Vincent has joined Anteiku's staffing.
Options Interaction Nikki has been visited by distraught Isadora, who was starting to lose control over herself thanks to the cannibalism she got herself into. Nikki, being a kakuja himself, proceeded to use his own method to assist with weakening that said madness. However, it was going a bit out of control as Nikki's alter ego controlled his mind while Isadora was going crazy. It ended after Nikki removed his grip on Isadora's neck, which resulted into her unconsciousness. After slamming his head onto the floor, along with some time passing, it seemed like Isadora's madness was rectified.
Calm After the Storm Interaction Nikki returned back to Anteiku with Xeno being saved from Inquisitors. After catching up with some of the employees, Nikki and Xeno argued which resulted into the younger man quitting Anteiku.
The Pixie and the Prickle Pirate One-Shot Nikki has interviewed the undercover idol, Sango. It went well along with the fact Nikki was taken aback by her true identity, regardless of not even knowing her in the first place. Sango has joined Anteiku's staffing.
Open for Business Interaction During the work-day, Nikki was taking a break while talking to Sango, Vincent, and Sekhmet. After that, both Nikki and Vincent proceeded to have a sparring match against each other.
Surveying the 20th Ward Interaction Nikki has served a mute girl, Mei, while she was surveying around 20th Ward, which included Anteiku.
Reciprocity Interaction Nikki was leading Maggie to a private room after realizing that she had something personal to talk about with him. Fearing for her life, Maggie wanted to make sure that Nikki would defend her. Nikki did so but in a manner that resulted for an argument to happen against each other.
A Scribe and an Information Broker Go to a Cafe and Talk to a Guy Interaction Nikki was interviewing, disguised at the time, Haruna. Nikki got answers of his questions from her but the woman started asking him questions about his own stuff too, and it went in a way that Nikki didn't hire Haruna at the end.
Setting Up the Meeting Interaction Nikki was called by Veli, wondering if it was possible for she and few more guests would come in for Christmas day during the afternoon, which he approved.
Gifts Giveaway Interaction It was Christmas as Nikki opened Anteiku for the time-being, getting Veli first. After some time while Nikki and Veli were interacting, Xeno entered the coffee shop and soon after, Daren. It was going well at first until Daren entered, which resulted into Xeno's outburst and the revelation that Daren was working for Inquisitors. Xeno abruptly left the coffee shop while all of them tried to keep things calm.
A Cat's Coffee Interaction After returning from his patrolling around 20th Ward, Nikki came back to Hayato who told him that Moriko, the One-Eyed Cat herself, had visited Anteiku. Nikki was getting his mood worsened after that revelation while being worried what Moriko had planned.
Java Jazz Interaction Nikki was having his usual work shift until a young child, Hideyoshi, visited the coffee shop and was wondering if there was a job for him available. Nikki was surprised at the fact another young child wanted a job, but he wouldn't stop Hideyoshi. The interview then started and it went well, getting Hideyoshi to join Anteiku staffing.
The Knowers Do and the Doers Know Interaction Anteiku was visited by two CCG investigators, Fukov and Chiyo. They were being served by both Nikki and Hideyoshi after the investigators finished investigating the out-doors of Anteiku. However, the doves were still investigating by questioning both Nikki and Hideyoshi.
The Gemini's Ambivalence (Prologue) One-Shot Nikki's flashback during his time as a ghoul before founding Anteiku, set in 2009.
A Question For a Pirate Interaction Nikki was just taking care of his business during the work shift until he noticed Sango conversing with the customer whom turned out to be one of the mercenaries whom Nikki had no hard feelings for, Jack. After joining in and talking more about serious matters such as the fact Anteiku employees have killed some of Aogiri grunts in cold blood, Jack asked if he could join in Anteiku's staffing, out of Sango and Nikki's surprising reactions. Nikki let that door open for Jack the moment he would leave Aogiri and still live.
Plaster Saint Interaction Nikki called up for a meeting between Anteiku employees about the questionable state of pacifism within the organization. However, there were some serious conflicts going on within the meeting which resulted to outcome of Isadora leaving while letting out the fact that Nikki was indeed a kakuja. After that, Nikki indeed confessed that he is a kakuja but he still wanted to try to bring pacifism back.
A Lobster and a Pirate Walk Into a Cafe Interaction While Nikki was taking a break from the stressful meeting about Anteiku's pacifism, Tadashi went back to Anteiku, aiming to get back to work in there. Nikki was very glad to see Tadashi once again but he was distraught that Moriko actually caused damage towards him and his sister along with the group. However, Nikki was more than happy to bring Tadashi back to work.
The Beginning and The End Interaction Nikki came back from Aogiri Raid while feeling extremely distraught and depressed after the revelation of the One-Eyed Cat being his former closest friend before the half-ghoul transformation. Few of his employees tried to get him back to his normal self but they failed unfortunately. However, Sango was the closest to succeed.
Altricial Departure Interaction Maggie called Nikki for a serious matter which was private. It turned out that Maggie was going to quit Anteiku and pursue work with the Inquisitors. Nikki was heavily depressed by her decision but he said that he would remain on her side. However, Nikki begged that Maggie wouldn't work against him someday.
A Cup of Coffee Interaction A heavily depressed Nikki has served Veli with the help from Sango. Both women were getting along pretty well while Nikki was simply watching without feeling anything. After that, both of them proceeded with their attempts to improve the man's mood. However after that, Nikki and Xeno had a discussion that had a revelation of Anteiku raiding Yuureien without his knowledge.
Painful Lessons Interaction Sango requested for Nikki to improve her resistance against damage during fights. Nikki, at first, was going easy on her until Sango teased about Nikki going slowly. It triggered something within him that forced him to fight seriously, almost impaling Sango immediately while acting as a stern teacher. After a while, Nikki involuntarily impaled Sango with his kagune while she was screaming and suffering from pain. After that, they stopped while Sango vented her feelings about Nikki's depressing behavior while she managed to cheer him up for a bit. Unfortunately it was a brief one at the end.
A Walk in the Park Interaction Nikki was relaxing in Anteiku while he was feeling up for a smoke in the alley. However, he caught a stench that worried him since it was unusual for there to be a bloody smell around there. After reaching to the destination, Nikki found Kazuki's body brutalized. Nikki carried the young man's corpse back into Anteiku's storage room with the butcher's table while he discovered the perpetrator, which were framed as Inquisitors. That was the starting point of Gemini's return.
Dote In Idolatry Interaction Nikki and Veli attended Sango's together to support their fellow co-worker's other job. However, chaos happened as Shuukaku started attacking and murdering the civilians within the concert. Nikki and Veli escaped while the manager called emergency services, not realizing that the murderers were ghouls so he would have called CCG instead. After that, Nikki called Sango to check up on her but the call ended abruptly with a scream and Sango going to check what has been happening. Unfortunately, Nikki and Veli found themselves standing in front of Xeno, with Sango's decapitated corpse right nearby him. After processing what happened, Nikki let out a blood-curdling roar as he then passed out. That was the catalyst of Gemini's return.
SENSATIONAL Interaction Maki visited Anteiku to meet up with Nikki, who wanted to stay with Anteiku while promising that he would scale down his activities in return. Nikki approved as he lead Maki back to the young man's former room.
Crustacean's Questionnaire Interaction Nikki was visited by Tadashi, whom was trying to investigate what has been happening around recently, which included Sango's concert attack. Nikki gave his answers to Tadashi while offering his services being available if needed.
Disruptive Interaction Veli got to Anteiku in a hurry with a brutalized corpse with her. Nikki quickly opened Anteiku for her to get in and understand what has been happening.
Mercenary No More Interaction Daren visited Anteiku after quitting Inquisitors, aiming to get a job within the organization. Nikki proceeded to interview him. Although the thread was never concluded, the interview went well and Daren joined Anteiku.
Strolling, Is That So Wrong Interaction Ren visited Anteiku to have a serious discussion with Nikki. As Nikki was feigning a friendly behavior, Ren caught it as a deception and called out that something was different within Nikki. Nikki then started acting like his brutal self which ended with Ren warning Nikki to not do anything that he would regret.
To Old Friends & New Interaction During that work-shift, Nikki has served both Lilium, and Kichirou.
Saturday Morning Blues Interaction Toichi, a young boy who got into Anteiku during his free time, tried to steal money from the coffee shop's counter. However, Tadashi caught the boy during his attempted theft and got him to Nikki. Nikki started to act threatening to mess with the young boy while Tadashi joined in for a bit as Daren also got in, joining in the situation too. After that along with Nikki offering Toichi a chance to be forgiven if he starts working in Anteiku, which he accepted, the situation has been fixed.
Hot Coffee Surprise Interaction Sayaka has visited Anteiku with her date for a good coffee in there. However after her anxiousness took over then her date leaving, Nikki noticed and tried to help out the woman. After having a deep conversation, Nikki offered Sayaka an opportunity to work in Anteiku with conditions that would were more satisfying for Sayaka than Nikki himself. After that, Sayaka stated that she would consider then left.
A Feeling So Complicated Interaction Anteiku was visited by two investigators once again, Kouta and Okubo. However, Kouta was the one who proceeded with questioning Nikki in the interview room, trying to get as much as he could from the manager. At the end, Kouta hinted about Isadora and Sierra being clues towards Anteiku's dangerous position, which Nikki got concerned about at the very end but not too terribly worried.
Break Time is Great Time! Interaction Nikki was taking a break after the shift for the day has ended. The manager and Tadashi conversed with each other while the younger man lied about killing Sango's killer, Nai. Nikki believed him however and was extremely delighted. They talked a bit more after that. However, Daren then had a serious discussion with Nikki about him quitting along with aiming to destroy Anteiku. The goodbye didn't end well unfortunately.
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Interaction (NSFW) Nikki was training Sayaka for her job in Anteiku after the manager called her if the job offer was still on for her. After that, they proceeded to have a combat training which ended with both of them sharing an intimate moment together. After that, both of them went back to Nikki's own room while the manager prepared a coffee for Sayaka. After a conversation, both shared another session once again while resulted into Sayaka leaving before Nikki woke up and get her message.
Innocence Interaction During the terrorist attack within 20th Ward's public mall, injured Silas and Xeno got on their way to Anteiku for patching up by Nikki. After Nikki got both of them within Anteiku and patched up Silas while Xeno was resting, both men were talking about various topics including the past.
Explosive Emergency Interaction 20th Ward was going in a frenzy after a terrorist attack towards a public mall, completely obliterating it. Nikki and his customers felt and saw the explosions while Nikki ordered for the customers to get back to their homes while the coffee shop would be closed. After that however, Akihiko was knocking the back-door while being in desperate need for help. Nikki quickly got the young man in, and patched him up for the time-being.
Innocent Probity Interaction It was a very hectic work-day for Nikki as a lot of things happened. Unknowingly met up with Ouroboros's terrorists, discovered that CCG had their own form of half-ghouls called Quinx, conversed with a surviving member of the ghoul restaurant Nikki has annihilated, and tried to calm down with Sayaka's company.
Small Chat Interaction Both Nikki and Xeno had a discussion about Nikki's other self, which the manager proceeded to use that time to mess around with Xeno by bantering.
Believing, Is That So Wrong Interaction Sayuri visited Anteiku thanks to her father's note about Gemini being within the coffee shop. Both Nikki and Sayuri had a talk about her father's fate.
Night Prank One-Shot Nikki was pranked by Zak with a false bomb-threat while he was sleeping.
Prank Gone Serious Interaction After getting the false bomb-threat, Nikki went to Tadashi to make sure if it was genuine or not. Even though Tadashi also thought it was a joke, he called Abdullah for more verification.
Old Dog, New Tricks Interaction Nikki was visited in Anteiku by Masahiro, who was hoping to get a job within Anteiku. After a successful interview, Masahiro has joined Anteiku staffing.
Long Time No See Interaction Nikki was walking around the outskirts of 20th Ward as he then felt like someone familiar was nearby. After calling out, it turned out that Vincent came back after a long period of absence. After a catch-up, Vincent has come back into Anteiku staffing.
The Angry Interview Interaction Misamune has visited Anteiku, wishing to land a job within the coffee shop as she then asked Nikki. Even though the interview started when both of them were initially stressed, it went well and Misa has joined Anteiku staffing.
Drink Away the Problems One-Shot Nikki was getting himself drunk in a bar after many days of stress and unfortunate incidents. While he was drunk, he almost brutalized a man in the bar publicly until a young woman stopped him and lead both of them outside. The woman managed to get Nikki to vent even parts of his issues while also letting him attempt to kill her in cold-blood, which he managed to stop himself and calm down. After that passed, Nikki proceeded to walk back to Anteiku.
Sincerity of Things Interaction Makoto visited Anteiku after the time of lectures for some relaxing time as he would read back the notes he got for the day. As Nikki got to the young man, Makoto unintentionally ranted to the manager while apologizing soon after and making his order. After that however, Makoto wondered if Nikki could help him with ghoul services in exchange of working in Anteiku. Nikki proceeded to get Makoto for the interview and it went well. Makoto has joined Anteiku staffing.
The Hunting of the Grounds Interaction Nikki ordered his employees to patrol around the hunting grounds.
Closing Time Interaction The final Anteiku social thread as Nikki served the customers for one last time.
New Moon Interaction After Nikki was taken away from his death by Moriko, he found himself waking up in the very same building where both him and Moriko transformed into half-ghouls. After something was about to happen, Ayumi suddenly appeared to get her answers about Kazuki from Nikki. After she got what Nikki knew about the whole thing, she left while he was filled with regret that he would have never discover the truth of the murder. Soon after, Tadashi and Akane interrupted Moriko from possibly inflicting more damage on Nikki. However after what Tadashi said to Nikki about atoning, Nikki burst in a fit of rage while venting almost everything he was keeping inside him throughout his life. After moving towards distraught Moriko, Nikki collapsed on the floor, finally dying from the wounds he got during the battle. After Nikki finished everything he wanted to say, he finally died with a smile on his face under Moriko's arms.
温泉 Interaction In a non-canonical continuity, where Starfall had concluded differently and certain tragedies haven't occurred, Maki and different-looking Nikki had met up once again and proceeded to catch up with one another in a wholesome manner.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though he owns a cafe, Nikki loves to drink at times. He rarely smokes though even though it doesn't affect him much.
  • Nikki hates how much he usually compliments women around him as he can't help it, and wants to change that for one in particular, or at least he plans to.
  • It wouldn't be out of the ordinary if he does something considered bizarre to his employees. He did host maid-cafe for Anteiku along with wearing a maid outfit and pranked Kane Heyma with his order.
  • He used to drink a lot during his younger days so he doesn't get drunk that easily from blood-fermented drinks.

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Nikki's Mask
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