Kana Itsuhara





Name Kana Itsuhara
Japanese Name 厳原 カナ
User /u/DekkTheODST (Banned User)
Alias No-Eyed King
Species No-Eyed Ghoul
Status Deceased, cannibalized
Age 26
Gender Female
Sex Female
Height 4'8 (148 cm)
Weight 84 Ibs (38.5 Kgs)
Blood Type AB-
Affiliations Aogiri
Relatives None
Ward 11th Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Rc Level 9014 - 10,146 Flux
Unique States Kakuja
Rating SSS
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Kana Itsuhara (厳原 カナ, Itsuhara Kana), the No-Eyed King, was the previous leader of Aogiri. She was a natural born No-Eyed Ghoul.

She lead the Aogiri Tree ever since she was young, but disappeared as a young adult, leaving others in charge of the organisation. She later resurfaced and reclaimed her group.

Her alias was The No-Eyed King (盲目の王, lit. Blind King) in which she dressed in a straight jacket, wearing a crown mask, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

Towards the end of her life, she had been low on RC suppressants, and RC count fluxed wildly from 9014 to 10,146. It was this instability that is thought to have led to her tragic death.

She died shortly after the Wintertide arc.

Personality Edit

Due to her nature of rarely being seen and having only one close confidant towards the end of her life, her personality wasn't known very well among anyone, and seemed to be inconsistent. When choosing her subordinate in Aogiri, she appeared to be very verbally abusive, rude, and snappy. When she was with the now deceased Tatsuhiro Owari, however, she appeared far more subdued and almost sickly in nature. This may have been a side effect of her disease.

Powers and Abilities Edit

False Tendrils: Kana's Ukaku kagune appeared to have the unusual effect of holding visual properties similar to that of a Rinkaku. Why this is was never discovered and a similar case has not been found since.

Medicated: Whenever medicated, her power would drop significantly, however her health would improve dramatically and the symptoms associated with her disease would relent.

Woven Armour: She could weave her rinkaku-esque tentacles into strong and powerful armour, the strength and coverage of which would range depending on her dosage of medication.

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