Okubo is a Rank 1 Investigator at the CCG and a lousy one at that, often being consumed by his childish temper and unprofessional attitude. He's a damn punk, whatdya expect?

Okubo Sawamura
Okubo 4

Name Okubo Sawamura
User /u/CadaverCollector
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Birthday April 8th
Height 5'11" - 179 cm
Weight 165 lbs - 75 kg
Affiliations CCG
Matsushita Squad
Ward 18th
Quinque Spas-24
Rank Rank 1
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Okubo is a young man of above-average height and medium to athletic build, yet still remaining somewhat lithe, standing at about 179 cm and 75 kg.

Some of the man's most prominent features would have to be a rather crooked nose from one too many brawls in his youth, the serious to angry look always plastered about his face, compounded by the expressive eyebrows that dominate wide eyes. However, even more so than that lies a thick, well-cared for pompadour resting atop his head of darkened hair.

Even in official settings, Okubo remains particularly unprofessional in clothing, often found clad in high collared jackets of a deep, dark purples and blacks. Combined with slacks of similar colour and plain white undershirts.


The young man often disparages his own intelligence, clearly understanding that he isn't particularly bright, nor does he believe that he can make decisions well, instead relying on the higher ups to do thinking for him. Yet he remains surprisingly arrogant in other aspects.

Okubo has an implacable temper, finding himself blowing up situations far worse than they might be through his demeanor. Though often focusing his hatred upon ghouls and their ilk, the pompadoured man is still very much a delinquent, a holdover from his youth that had not been squashed in the academy.

In a quintessential idiosyncrasy, Okubo takes a hyper-sensitive reaction to comments at all disparaging of his hairstyle, after which, he enters a blind rage.

He remains childish, and unprofessional, even to those of higher rank than he, begrudgingly taking orders, rarely without quips of his own. On top of this, his sense of humour has not progressed, in the slightest, hardly investigator material.

Amidst all of this awful degeneracy, the dude can remain perhaps slightly redeemable in his general 'hidden' demeanor. Those little marks denote the fact that Okubo believes in-fact that his caring nature is closely guarded, where just about anyone who bothers, or forced (Squad), to get to know him can see plainly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: Thanks to the man's athletic build, he has a decent balance of strength and speed, often using such to his advantage in close combat, though rarely doing battle with his pocketed hands.

Weaknesses: Okubo has an extreme intolerance to pain as well as being quite fragile for a man of his stature, even the tiniest of scratches have the potential to send him reeling. This is often incredibly distracting in the midst of combat, as well as catalyzing his demonstrable temper, leading to further misjudgement, but also potential berserk-ed-ness.


Name: Spas-24

Type: Ukaku

Appearance: The Quinque has been shaped into the steel frame resembling that of a modern pump-action shotgun, with the muzzle tapering outward in a box-like shape. It gleams the usual white-silver colours indicative of the CCG, while inlaid with the pulsing veins beneath the metal which reveal its ghoulish origin.

Strengths: The Spas-24 unleashes bursts of high-powered Ukaku shards in a spread, just as any other shotgun might, thus mixing strength with a greater difficulty of weaving through, as if a trying to avoid the pellets of a hail storm.

Weaknesses: Aside from the usual weakness of Ukaku Quinques, the Spas-24 must be pumped a single time from below its barrel before it may fire, thus its fire rate would be dismal compared to the usual salvo fired from either generic Quinque or Kagune. On top of this, two hands are required to operate the weapon, causing it to be nigh un-firable if one has lost an arm or hand. Looking at you, boss.

Mechanics: Just above the 'pump' is a small dial with two settings, the first is for it to fire in spreads, where as the second is for a single-shot so as to avoid possible friendly fire. But with these Quinx running around, who knows?


Name Details
Kouta Matsushita "He's a fucking hard-ass, that ain't no secret. Always getting on top of my damn shit, letting those other two pricks run around for nothing. But I can't fault the guy for being dedicated to his job and all, guess he got a bad hand for getting a dumb shit like me on his team. Ain't really so bad"
Tomoyuki Otsuji "The cunt to end all cunts, thinks cause his daddy and brothers are all tough shit that he too is tough shit. I don't buy that bull, fucker's gotta prove himself, he probably has though already. Doesn't mean he ain't a damn prick."
Kosuke Ichijouji "That fuckin' asparagus-headed, spike-topped, porcupined-pussy, sandpaper wearing, needle-noggin', shit-fer-brained, asshole? Always got some shit to say 'bout me, but he ain't the worst dude I ever had to be around."
Torabashi Kotetsu "Boss don't like him, I don't like him."


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Eye for an Eye -- Briefing Arc "Oh yeah! That's the first one of those oh-fish-ee-all meetin's I been to. That pompous prick Tomoyuki, showed him who's boss first-fuckin'-day."
Eye for an Eye -- Transport Arc "Needle-Noggin, that's when I met that fucker. Son of a bitch might just be ruder than me, so I sized him up on that truck. All bark, lemme tell ya. But that bark ain't no fuckin' lie."
Eye for an Eye -- Raid Arc "Allofuhsudden I'mma pure bonafide investigator, and the next moment the bosses point in the direction to kill things. Now I'mma simple kinda guy, but still that shit was a warzone with supernatural freaks. Me an the porcupine go up against these three wacko-ghouls. GET THIS! One of 'em was an. . . Uhh. . . SS-Rate! And I whooped his sorry baklava-wearing ass good, he was kinda a chill dude though."
Eye for an Eye -- Cat Bitch Arc "But wait! There's more! That's right, not only did me and Ichijouji emerge SUPREME, but then some crazy. . . Kuhkooja showed up, I ain't fuckin' with that. So What I did was knock that fucker's (Kousuke) block off, and hauled his ass on outta there. Oh, did I mention THE FUCKIN' BUILDIN' WAS COLLAPSIN'?"
Eye for an Eye -- Conclusion Arc "Where I re-met captain-cunt and spike-top, then our slot-machine of a boss came on down to tell us we'd all be in a squad together. Shit didn't go too well."
Épée Stakeout Interaction "Awww memories, good old squad's first mission together, man was it a boring slog-o-shit. Sittin' in some ass-end apartments somewhere, playin' cards, eatin' burgers, real riveting stuff. Then we found that err, Eeee-Pee ghoul and killed 'em good. Didn't even get to finish eating before sparkles finished the job though.
Candlelight -- Briefing Arc "I dunno what it is, but entitled punks just really set me right the fuck off. This one was worse than even Otsuji, so I socked him right in the jaw. Dumb shit."
Candlelight -- Operation Dead Ghouls, Part I Arc "Ya know, squad was sent to go deal with some oncoming threat of the creeps, so we did. Course they never mentioned no shit-rates coming to kick our asses. Fuck that bitch, we're gonna find her, and she ain't climbin' outta the trillion-foot hole down to hell we put her in."
Wild, Wild East -- Briefing Arc "The further up the chain-o-command ya get, the further from Earth ya are. S'why mooks like Ichijouji and I are cool dudes. S'why Torarabrashi is a fuckin' cunt among cunts. Don't remember what the guy said, probably cause I wasn't listenin'.
Anteiku Investigation Interaction "I trust the boss fully, if I didn't I'd probably be in a ditch somewhere, or festering as ghoul-shit somewhere, so when the guy says there ain't no creeps in that coffee shop, there ain't no creeps in that coffee shop. Boss ain't a bad dude, so I take him to the burger joint and then the rest of the squad out for the kick-ass 'Kaiju Big Battle Championship Event'."
Platinum Apex Arc "Eeeehhh. . . Something, something, raid. Something, something ghouls. Ya gotta know by now that I ain't payed a single bit of attention. Got my ass chased around by some-little-shit for a bit. Can't believe those fuckers promoted me for this shit."


  • The pompadour is a hairstyle passed down throughout his family line, in which he wears proudly.
  • Miss Sawamura brings homemade lunches to the office every single day. She's quite popular with the squad, in a motherly way.
  • Okubo's the biggest momma's boy on the planet, even if he tries to hide it.
  • His lil' sis is more important than just about everything else in the world.
  • Okubo really likes burgers.
  • And Wrestling.
  • And burgers.
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