Ouroboros is an organization currently made up of four members that reside in the 16th ward of Tokyo. The members own a three-story building with the first floor being a well-known local ramen shop, and the members use the top two floors as their sleeping quarters. Currently, nothing ties the local ramen shop to the terrorist organization that wreaked havoc in the 20th ward some months ago.


Purpose & Goals Edit

For now, the group shows mostly hedonistic motivations for their disturbances in the 20th ward. Their actions, and their video they released after the mall bombing, haven't indicated any greater motivation.

Locations Edit

Ouroboros operates mostly out of their shop in the 16th ward, relaxing upstairs when the shop downstairs is closed or when they're off their shifts. As an organization, however, their only movement has been shown in the 20th ward.

Structure Edit

The four members hold an equal stake in Ouroboros, but Mae and Salg were the two that created it. In addition, Mae seems to give most of the orders involving an operation while Salg handles most of the on-hand tasks.

Known Members Edit



Li Zhu

Rinko Tsuniba

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