Rai Kamiya


Rai Kamiya

Name Rai Kamiya
User /u/Hydrocalypse97
Alias None as of yet
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Birthday March 5th
Height 6'0 or 183 cm
Weight 165 pounds
Blood Type A-
Affiliations His former survival crew


Ward 14th
Rc Type Koukaku
Rating C-
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Spiky Red Hair, 6’0, Muscular Frame, slightly pale skin. Favors wearing casual street clothes (especially black hoodies), eyes that match his hair. He usually sports beanies and black fingerless gloves. He always wears a silver necklace he received from his mother, treasuring the item dearly.

When working as a vigilante, Rai wears a black denim jacket, matching jeans, a bright green wig and a ghoul mask he received from Abdul. A triangular mask that covers his entire face, resembling a wide heater shield in shape. The outer rim of it is jet black while the rest of it is a metallic dark green. On the left chest area of the jacket, he painted a green Colorless symbol to show his affiliation with the faction.


Rai is a tough and cocky teenage ghoul hailing from the streets of New York. Given his background, Rai is quite social while remaining blunt and somewhat ill tempered. Rai enjoys a good fight but understands he’s still a rather weak ghoul, causing him to have a reasonable amount of caution. He dislikes having to kill people unless he views them completely evil, not even having done so yet. Preferring to feed off recently dead corpses from street violence and suicide rather than actually hunting down humans. He can come off as an asshole who speaks his mind and enjoys playfully dissing people, he likes being upfront with his thoughts and feelings. But he strongly dislikes the CCG and immoral ghouls such as members of Aogiri.

Rai certainly has a kind heart and a desire to help his fellow ghouls and is more than willing to fight to protect them. That and his violent tendencies are his main drive for trying to become stronger and constantly train. Also because he wishes to serve Colorless well to prove his worth to them. As a rookie vigilante, he tries to refrain from his thuggish habits such as unnecessary fights and thievery. He's also decided to try trusting and interacting with humans as long they're not affiliated with the organization of genocidal bastards previously mentioned. Might as well understand them since he needs to work and interact with them more and it's his job to help protect them too.


Rai was a ghoul who was born and raised in New York City until a family tragedy convinced his father to move Rai and his older brother Ryuji to Japan when he was 14. The trio managed to survive for over a year before they were found by the CCG during a raid. Rai was separated from Ryuji in all the confusion, but their father Mikazuki had boldly held off the investigators to protect his boys in the carnage. It w and was forced to join a small crew of ghouls living outside of Tokyo.

But after Aogiri's broadcast, all of Rai's companions decided to join the ghoul terrorist cell, much to his dismay. He ended up moving to Tokyo to see if he could find a better group of ghouls to survive with.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Back home in New York, Rai was able to participate in boxing class. He uses these techniques to fight proficiently with his kagune. The Slugger boxing style suits Rai well as a koukaku ghoul, he values power over speed and relies on his ability to endure and block attacks. As one would expect, Rai specializes in close quarter combat.


Strengths:Rai sports an impressive capability of raw strength and durability, which suits him just fine since he enjoys close up brawls.
Weaknesses: He’s somewhat slow and has a hard time fighting from long range distances, his reflexes also leave something to be desired.


Type: Koukaku

Appearance: An emerald sledgehammer that completely covers his right hand while also coating the entire arm in a similar defensive shell.

Strengths/Weaknesses: The kagune is quite durable and easy to wield while being heavy and it's spikes aren't that sharp

Mechanics: Rai can leave a small number of spikes on the sides of the hammer on the rare occasion when he's attempting to murder his foe. The spikes are small, but can slightly enhance the damage done by the kagune.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
[link thread title] Arc description
[link thread title] One-shot description
[link thread title] Social description
Petty Crimes and Hard Times RP Having recently arrived in Tokyo, Rai decided to try and fund himself by robbing a man. But a ghoul vigilante known as Kaito Mori wasn't having it. The two engaged in a quick fight over the man's wallet where Rai sustained a number of wounds and reluctantly surrended the wallet.
Two Foreigners RP After spending some time pickpocketing civilians, Rai is confronted by Abdul and ordered to stop. Though surprisingly he was interested in joining the group the older ghoul led. Upon arriving to the Dojo, he was asked to spar with Toba to assess his fighting skill. Even though Rai was beaten, his new comrades saw his potential and welcomed him with open arms.
Hatred only breeds Hatred RP During his first patrol, Rai encountered an investigator moments before she murdered a young ghoul. He didn't hesitate to stop her and the resulting battle gave the boy a chance to escape. The battle was more of a stalemate and the rookie vigilante escaped before there could be a conclusion.
Restlessness RP Rai stopped a mugger and ended up meeting up with Kaito, the two were surprisingly on friendly terms since the mugger had robbed Kaito's human friend. The meeting ended up being mutually beneficial since Rai set up a meeting for his fellow vigilante to join Colorless while he received advice on getting a job.
Ward Hopping RP On a random stroll Rai had met Miharu and the two made some casual conversation and got to know eachother. Liking eachother enough, they made plans to text and go on dates together.
Everybody’s Working for the Weekend RP WIP
In Which Yet Another Vigilante Ruins a Perfectly Pleasant Night RP Rai confronted Kaya about her brutal work as an Aogiri Enforcer and tries to get her to stop to keep the wards more peaceful. The ensuing fight completely goes against his favor and he's beaten and nearly killed.


Name Details
Kaito Mori He appreciates him for being the first example of ghoul vigilantism that helped convince him to change his life for the better. Considering him a friend despite their first encounter, although he does find him a bit eccentric.
Abdullah Yousef Rai immensely respects Abdul for providing him with the new group he was hoping for, though he hasn't seen him in battle yet. He's 100% convinced that he must be a very powerful ghoul. Rai often seeks his approval and tries to hide anything from him he think might disappoint him.
Makura Toba Fondly remembers the initial sparring match that they had, sees him as a close friend he can be open with and wishes he could help him get his daughter back.
Miharu Araki Occasionally misses her, but is glad she decided to leave Tokyo. (My headcanon cuz Jeff vanished)
Kaya Mitarai Their encounter was incredibly embarrassing since he was completely at her mercy. She's now his main reason to keep training and get stronger so he'll never have to feel that weak and pathetic again. Rai's biggest desire is make sure their next encounter goes completely different. Remembering their fight can get him rather angry and worked up since she did mess him up pretty badly.



  • Rai enjoys rap music
  • As an American Ghoul, Rai is used to having to worry about the Ghoul Suppression Agency rather than the CCG. So he might confuse the two organizations or refer to a dove as an agent instead.
  • The Custom art was done by Avdol AKA CardistryWolf. (He draws that dank shit)
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