Rei Hirata is a ghoul resident of the 10th Ward. Not much is known of her.

Rei Hirata 
Name Rei Hirata 
User /u/Eragon7538 
Alias Arachne 
Species Ghoul 
Status Alive 
Age 19 
Gender Female 
Sex If she wants
Birthday 10/11/1996 
Height 156 cms 
Weight 54 kgs 
Blood Type O+ 
Relatives Biological Parents (Unknown)
Adoptive Parents (Deceased)
Ward 10th Ward 
Rc Type  Rinkaku
Rc Level 2782 
Rating B+
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So when it comes to body, Rei's kinda short. She's got a boyish body type, so she's not curvaceous at all. She does have some sort of indication that she is a woman (wider hips, but not noticeably, and a chest, but also rather small), but otherwise, she's rather androgynous. She got some muscle definition, but nothing crazy.

For facial/head features, she's got choppy black hair which at its longest is at jaw-length. She rocks that emo fringe over her left eye and it's dyed white. Of her exposed features, she's got brown eyes in a more almond shape, slimmed towards the nose. Her nose is small but she wears a ring through the left nostril.

Rei's regular attire is a tight leather jacket and a black tank-top underneath on the upper portion of her body, while on the lower she wears black skinny jeans and an extra-long belt pulled tight, leaving a lot of excess hanging. She also wears combat boots and fingerless gloves for the edge factor.

Rei’s mask is a leather impersonation of an advanced scold’s bridal. It covers her whole face, and is in the shape of a spider. The mouthpiece prevents Rei from speaking during battle, but can be removed upon completion of a battle, so she may eat.


Rei is rather cocky and places herself on a pedestal. This tends to give her a bad reputation with other ghouls, since her attitude pisses them off. She also likes being rude, since she only wants to associate with a certain few. Sarcasm is a regular feature in conversation with Rei.

If comfortable with a person, however, Rei opens up and reveals a new side of herself in which she genuinely cares about what they have to say, and maybe even about them.


To be revealed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: Rei is really fast, to the point where it's probably her most valuable asset in battle. She also has a pretty high regeneration factor.

Weaknesses: On the flipside, Rei is not all that strong. Her small size also means that she gets hurt pretty easily.


Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: The kagune take the form of two long, spider-like legs that protrude from Rei's lower back. They're purple, and have several joints, extended to a full length of 5 feet.

Strengths: The legs can function like regular legs, obviously, allowing Rei to walk around on them. Otherwise, they function like a regular rinkaku, piercing or crushing.

Weaknesses: The drawback of Rei's kagune is that all attacks must come from either over her shoulders or around the sides. Because of this, attacks tend be slower and less powerful. Her legs also don't reach full around her body, leaving her front vulnerable.

Mechanics: [Click-clack. Will the suffering ever end?]


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