Ren Kawaguchi
Name Ren Kawaguchi
User Qvalador
Species Human
Status Badass
Gender Male
Birthday 2 February
Height 178 cm
Weight 72,8 kg
Blood Type AB Negative
Affiliations CCG
Ward 1st Ward
Quinque Kurokattā
Division Kawaguchi Squad
Rank Director
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Ren Kawaguchi (川口蓮, Kawaguchi Ren) is a male investigator and the CCG's first ward director. He is the leader of the aptly-named Kawaguchi Squad, and wields the quinque Kurokattā.


Ren has medium-length auburn hair and hazel eyes. He's often seen wearing a leather jacket, shades, and a hat embroidered with a spades symbol, though in professional environments he tends to don a collared shirt and tie alongside his white trench coat. Average in height at 178 centimetres, he's stocky in build and has crooked teeth.


Ren is a free spirit, and is implied to hail from a foreign country. He's prone to cursing and has an informal dialect. He's expressed doubts about the CCG's methods of execution and of his own deeds, although he is a proficient fighter and is confirmed to have made nearly five-thousand total kills in the span of his career. He's very musically inclined, a capble guitar player whom tends to talk about classic rock to a great extent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ren is shown to be a powerful, efficient, and highly-trained fighter thanks to his many years in the CCG. Strength and speed aside, he's an effective fighter whose technique has been perfected over time.


Aware of his strength, Ren seldom passes up the opportunity for a good hit and plunges in at his enemy with reckless abandon... though his power is typically sufficient to back up such perfunctory acts.


Ren is quick to the punch and is rarely caught unawares. He's able to formulate strategies at a rapid pace, and can see through the moves of his opponents while they're in progress. It's difficult to pull the wool over his eyes, and he's skilled at doing so to others.



Name: Kurokattā

Type: Koukaku

Status: In service

Appearance: A large, double-edged sword with a heavy, thick blade. The handle is adorned with a motorcyle handle, and the hilt is impressed with a spades symbol.

Strengths: The blade deals immense damage, and is almost always lethal to victims that are impaled. Its wide blade allows it to be used as a shield in some events, and the sword's simple shape makes it somewhat intuitive to wield.

Weaknesses: Due to its huge size, the sword is heavy and very difficult to manoeuvre. Furthermore, it's swung somewhat slow and is as a result fairly easy to dodge.

Mechanics: The blade of the sword can be charged with a powerful electric current when the handle on the handle is pulled.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Wintertide - Hospital Raid Arc Ren briefly sweeps the hospital with his comrade, Izumi Okazaki.
Tribute: The Death of Nikki Futago Doujinshi A non-canon one-shot in which Ren and his partner, Yoshitsune, defeat Nikki Futago with the power of excellent music. Based on Tenacious D's Tribute.
I - Thunderstruck One-shot Immediately following his appearance in the hospital raid arc, Ren questions his own motives and defeats the SS-rated Luffy ghoul.
Celebration at Yuureien Social Ren hesitantly works his way into an upbeat, modern club to greet his new squad members.


Name Details
Izumi Ozakaki The squad-member Ren has had probably the most interaction with. They get along fairly well despite being only acquaintances, and seem to agree ideologically.


  • "Back at you, Ketchum." - Luffy Ghoul


  • Ren is a proficient guitar player and an avid fan of classic rock.
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