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Rin Zuki is a young Ghoul Investigator, currently serving in Kawaguchi Squad. She belongs to a dedicated family of investigators.

Rin Zuki
Name Rin Zuki
User /u/KiraKhameleon
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 18 (Before Eye for an Eye), 19
Gender Female
Birthday Feburary 21st
Height Short
Affiliations CCG
Ward 9th Ward
Quinque Tsunagi
Division Kawaguchi Squad
Rank Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator
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Usually, Rin will be wearing whatever she finds ending up in a mixture of clothes with clashing stlyes. She rarely dresses in a formal matter, unless she is forced to, and used to wear a cloak wherever she went. Her hair was once black but had been dyed pink at an unknown date and remains that colour. Few black streaks remain by her fringe. She is also short. Recently, after the events of Eye for an Eye, she has started to let her black hair return. As well as that, she has stopped wearing the cloak due to it being damaged.


Rin appeared to be a nervous individual who felt most comfortable by herself. She has shown that she is rude to most people. She is mostly care-free with only few things holding value to her. Rin is immature and childish. Recently she has shown that she is confident when up against ghouls, mocking them frequently. As well as this, it seems she has a bloodlust whilst fighting. She doesn't hold any feelings other than hate for ghouls, viewing them as monsters that need to be put down.

After Eye for an Eye, she has become less nervous and less childish. The death of her sister has caused her to start taking things more seriously. Whilst she is less nervous now, she still feels more comfortable alone.


The majority of her family have become investigators, and Rin is no exception. Her father and uncle had trained both her and Rin's sister from a young age. Due to her older sister's success as an investigator, Rin has expectations to live up to. She has spent her life trying to live up to said expectations. Around the time of Eye for an Eye, Rin saw her sister killed in front of her by The One Eyed Cat.

Powers and Abilities[]

Rin is able to move quickly due to her light frame and agility, allowing her successfully to dodge attacks well. She has been trained to use melee weapons and unarmed combat effectively,


Tsunagi: A mass produced Bikaku quinque, taking the shape of a sword. Unknown: Yet to be revealed


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Name Details
Moriko Mizuki Rin has met Moriko once in human form, initially irritating her by disrupting her. Once they started talking about books, they seemed to get along despite the short interaction. The two would meet again under different circumstances. Moriko, in kakuja form, killed her sister. Rin hates The One Eyed Cat more than any other ghoul because of this and promised to kill Moriko. Moriko spared Rin, possibly feeling empathy for the young investigator.


"My songs are better."

" I'll find The Cat. I'll kill her myself "