Ryo Izanagi

Lock Up Your Wives and Daughters
Name Ryo Izanagi
Japanese Name イザナギ 遼 (Izanagi Ryo)
User Sombre-Alfonce
Species Human
Status Drunk
Manufacturer When a man and a women love each other very much...
Age 28
Gender Male
Sex Yes
Birthday October 7th 1991
Height 5'10 (178 cm)
Foot Length Proportional
Blood Type 0.2 BAC at least
Affiliations CCG
Kotsuzan Squad (formerly)
Okazaki Squad
Ward 14th
Quinque Steyr Aug-mented


Rank First Class
Honors Anti-Meta
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Ryo Izanagi is a human and member of the CCG, currently serving as the Vice Captain of Okazaki Squad. He currently lives in 14th Ward. He is a friendly guy and shameless drunkard with slightly perverted tendencies to boot.

Appearance Edit

Ryo is of average height and has the fit build of a triathlete. He has a distinctive unkempt and tired looking appearance with rough cut salty grey hair that falls around large dark eyes. His facial hair is thin but well maintained in the style of a moustache, soul patch and chinstrap. He wears a silver stud in either ear.

When working you would be hard pressed getting him to wear a tie. He generally wears his outer shirts loose, unbuttoned and tucked hastily into his pants. Underneath both he wears a random shirt. He either wears jeans or business pants depending on his mood. Finally on his feet he wears an old pair of leather boots.

After the end of the events in the 22nd Ward, he wears a small carrier case attached to his belt that contains necessities such as snacks and a bottle opener. Additionally, a cylinder can be found tied to his left thigh and belt containing his second quinque, Amenonuhoko. He has also taken to wearing a grey standard issue CCG Winter beanie.

Prominent scars:

- Megalith: Multiple small scars courtesy of getting tossed through a window pane.

- Collector: 30cm scar down his back beginning at his left shoulder blade.

- Weaver: Spiral shaped scar wrapping all the way up his left leg to the mid thigh. Sporadic nerve damage to the skin surface.

Personality Edit

Ryo is a humorous and friendly person who enjoys meeting and befriending new people. He's a laid back and tolerant person who enjoys the world and takes each new situation in his stride. Consequently nothing really seems to surprise him or remove the half-smile off of his face. He is however, an alcoholic and a bit of a pervert and has been known to show up to meetings and jobs drunk or hung-over. His friends often describe him as a bit of a womanizer despite him having a rather low success rate.

He shows a somewhat strange interest in ghoul culture and ghouls themselves, showing particular interest in the upper echelons of Aogiri tree and the increasing incidence of one-eyed ghouls.

Background Edit

Ryo studied Languages and Ancient History at University.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Quinques: Edit

Steyr Aug-mented: Ukaku (B Rate) Edit

Much like a Steyr Aug, however reinforced with quinque steel, making it slightly bulkier and more hard wearing. It shoots small shards when set to fully automatic and longer ones in single-shot mode.

Like some ukaku quinques, it does not deploy directly from the suitcase, but rather comes from the carry-case separately.


Comes with a flashlight attachment.

Amenonuhoko: Rinkaku (B+ Rate) Edit

A light weight sansetsukon measuring 1.8m in length, each length of the staff is 60cm long. The uppermost sections is made up entirely of a blade, while a small spike decorates the rear end of the staff.

The blade itself is single-sided and extremely sharp. It is however rather brittle.

He carries it in a cylindric tube at his left side.

Strengths: Edit

- Great stamina: He is a trained long distance runner allowing him to fight and run for longer periods of time.

- Reasonably strong: Well corded if not overly large muscle build up allows him to handle weapons with ease.

- Social side and Teamwork: He has a keen interest and knowledge of people, history and other cultures. This allows him to work better in a team environment.

Weaknesses: Edit

- Women.

- He is an alcoholic.

- Slow runner: Previous injuries prevent excessive sprinting.

- His average build prevents him from taking many hits.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight CCG Arc Wrap-Up Innocent to the events of the previous night, Ryo is late for work.
Wild, Wild East - Kotsuzan Squad Arc Build-Up Ryo meets with the other members of Kotsuzan Squad to discuss the attack on the 12th Ward Branch.
Wild, Wild East - Cochlea Interrogation Arc Ryo accompanies Associate Special Class Kotetsu and First Class Okazaki to interrogate the captured ghoul Jack Conklin (Smiles)
Wild, Wild East - 12th Ward Branch Investigation Arc Along with the rest of Kotsuzan squad, Ryo investigates the now ruined 12th Ward Branch to look for clues and information on the attack. Ryo starts his investigation in the basement levels, discovering the remains of a massacre of staff and researchers.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward attack meeting (Kotsuzan Squad) - Part 1 -investigator units Arc Build-Up Ryo is assigned to and meets his new squad.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward attack meeting (Kotsuzan Squad) - Extermination Targets Arc Build-Up Ryo discusses their new target with the rest of the squad.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation Arc Sign-Up Ryo attends the briefing on the 22nd Ward.
Wild, Wild East - Know Your Enemy Arc Build-Up Alongside Initiate Miura, Ryo returns to Cochlea you further interrogate Jack Conklin.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation - Day 1 - Data Analysis Arc Ryo and Shoma accompany Nakano to find information on Aogiri Tree.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation - Day 1 Arc Ryo joins the squad tasked with taking down Megalith and is left unconscious in the latter stages of the fight.
Wild, Wild East - CCG Arc Wrap-Up Totally no smut alluded to or involved I swear. It's just about Ryo going to the kitchen... yeah. Also Izumi chats.
Starfall - Duality Arc Ryo helps end Nikki's (God Bless his smurf soul) life. Funnily enough when you shoot the unarmoured parts it does damage.
Platinum - Apex Arc Ryo waits in the foyer while everyone else fights OC's. Proceeds to kill all of the fodder that happen pass by.
Platinum - CCG Arc Wrap-Up Ryo talks to Izumi and takes a ride in the back of a corpse cart with a headless dude (Miura).
Monochrome - Acquisitions Arc Ryo chats with Frederica before going off to investigate why all of the alarms are going off.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc Ryo takes command of Ukaku forces during the attack on the fire escape, meets some rather odd individuals and is present for the entry of Soundwave.
Spotlight - CCG Arc Wrap-Up Alcohol.
An extraordinarily beneficial, professional networking event with lots of room for career progression Social Ryo has lunch with and meets Eiichi Natsuko.
A (Mal)chance Meeting Social Ryo trolls the shit out of Asami.
Shounen Junk: Kotsuzan Squad Introduction Private RP Ryo arrives at the squad get together, checks out some chicks, and takes on Henryk
The blossoming of vestige Private RP Ryo and Asami encounter a wild ghoul during a less then routine patrol.
Stronger Than Your Head Public RP Ryo meets and has a drink with Sayuri. Also interesting conversations about the CCG families.
Arrival Private RP Okazaki squad moves into the 20th Ward branch. Apart from Miura, he had business.
A Web of Enmity Private RP Ryo attempts to get out of a painful and potentially kinky situation with Koharu by telling her about the stuff he doesn't know and general trivia about Tokyo.
Bars, Both Physical and Metaphorical Private RP Ryo meets up for a drink with the newest addition to Okazaki squad.
Front Towards the Enemy Private RP Ryo accompanies Asami to the location of a tragedy.


Relationships Edit

Name Details
Izumi Okazaki Izumi is the person in the CCG Ryo looks up to and respects the most. That isn't to say he doesn't think Izumi could do with relaxing once or twice in his life.
Asami Kato The ex-squad member and ever present drinking buddy extraordinaire among other things. Just don't go digging too deep for that smut.
Kayami Mizushina Fellow first class and squad member of Okazaki squad, they enjoy being generally lazy together in the office.
Chiyo Aikawa Held in high regard, even if he's not sure why.
The CCG Leadership Generally odd shenanigans.
Nakano Otsuji Classic Otsuji. Was unfortunate about her limbs and face though.
Jack Conklin Ghoul of interest A. When will he return to Cochlea for a chat?
Scribe Not bad as far as ghouls go. Quite the sweet-pea.
Kichirou Kurosawa Ghoul of interest B. Thinks there might be something deeper to his story.
Junko Kobayashi The missing link to Kichirou Kurosawa. Retired but not forgotten.
Koharu Ghoul of interest C. Looking to return the favour.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Likes: Alcohol, women, good CCG times.
  • Dislikes: Sponges.
  • Current profile art by the glorious Arabian prince Avdol.
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