Ryuu Kageyama is a young, upstart ghoul and the founder of Ursa. Initially a local to the 15th Ward, he’s since changed locations to the 19th and currently lives in a small hotel that doubles as his base of operations. Occasionally, he runs small time errands for money.

Ryuu Kageyama
Ryuu Avdol
Name Ryuu Kageyama
Japanese Name 竜 影山
User /u/KakujaKun
Alias Phalanx
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 18
Gender Male
Birthday 12/08/2000
Height 1.71 m
Weight 64 kg
Affiliations Ursa
Ward 19th Ward
15th Ward (formerly)
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating B+
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Measuring at 1.71 m, Ryuu is fairly short. A boy of average frame and build, he doesn't really stand out physically. Due to lack of excessive muscle mass or fat, he scores a pretty average weight of 59 kg. Usually seen with a serious, determined expression, Ryuu sports short, blonde hair that flows freely. That, combined with his silver eyes gives him a rather confident and reliable look. His clothing usually consists in a simple white shirt, complemented by a light-brown jacket and dark blue jeans, though he doesn’t shy away from coats, sweatshirts or hoodies either.

When in his ghoul disguise, he prefers to wear a hooded, dark-red trenchcoat, coupled with dark grey jeans and a black half-face mask similar to that of a fighter jet pilot. He also carries a sheath holding two tanto blades, that are usually either hanged on his back or by his waist. He does, however, sometimes carry the sheath in hand.


Following the loss of his home, Ryuu’s strong personality has really surfaced. Determined, confident and reliable, he accomplishes all tasks that need to be done and provides assistance to those in need of any. Boasting initiative and drive, he’s developed natural charisma and there is little that can get in his way. Meticulous and dedicated, he pays great attention in resolving ghoul-related matters. A supportive and professional individual, he usually maintains good relationships with others. When first approached, he can be quite reserved, however. Nonetheless, despite all of the changes he’s undergone, there’s parts of his personality that never changed. It may require a bit of digging up, but he’s still a kind, compassionate soul at heart. His youthful energy and warmth is still within reach to those that approach him in the right now. Another thing still - while firm and decisive, he is also usually polite.


Not yet revealed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

High Strength: Being youthful and leading an active lifestyle has resulted in Ryuu possessing a good degree of physical strength.

High Speed: Maintaining overall fitness, combined with Ryuu's natural athleticism has given him a high degree of speed.

Low Durability: Due to his developing body, his constitution is nothing to be envious of. Every hit shakes him up hard.

Poor Regeneration: Because of how rare he feeds and his complete dislike of cannibalism, Ryuu's low RC cell count makes regeneration a very challenging task.


Type: Bikaku

Appearance: A single, moderately long Bikaku tail that ends with several sharp protrusions instead of a single sharp point. It has glistening, smooth texture and is of cyan colour.

Strengths: Manoeuvrability.

Weaknesses: Regeneration.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Spotlight - Ursa Intro Arc Intro Ursa investigate the site of the Aogiri attack.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc Ryuu runs into the Aogiri Tree Executive Minato Tomori and tries to turn the unexpected Aogiri operation to his advantage.
Spotlight - Ursa Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Ursa debrief after their investigation of the TV Tower.
The Charms of a young Dragon One-shot Ryuu reflects on the work that he has to do as he returns from school. He then meets one particularly nice neighbour of his, engaging in a brief discussion, before he finally enters his home. Greeted by his sister, the boy takes a momentary break to talk before he picks up housework again.
Ascension - King Arc Alongside the rest of his allies from Ursa, Ryuu fights against one of Rei's former enemies.
Ursa Faction Various interactions with Ursa.
The Dragon Rises for some morning coffee Public RP Ryuu goes on a hunt for the strongest coffee in all of Tokyo.
Learning to fall Private RP Hideyoshi and Ryuu go for some parkour around the city of Tokyo.
The Dragon Fang Private RP After discovering that food supplies are running low, the boy goes out to "restock", only to have a rather unpleasant encounter with Yukiteru Urushiyama.
The Drake's Quest Private RP Following a CCG raid that robbed him of his home, Ryuu seeks solace at the :re cafe.
Stray Cat Private RP Rei wrongfully assumes that dropping unnecessary responsibilities onto Ryuu is an easy task.


Name Details
Kurosawa Hideyoshi A cheery, fun to be around person with rather pronounced behaviour problems. Ryuu finds the other boy to be friendly, cool and interesting. Unfortunately, at times Hideyoshi's misbehaviour provides the blond with his fair share of second-hand embarrassment and a minor headache. Perhaps his big brother instincts apply at least a tiny bit whenever the other teen indulges his desire for obscenity. Still, Ryuu has grown quite fond of Hideyoshi's personality and enjoys his company greatly.
Ayumi Miyazono A kind and beautiful, intelligent young lady, Ryuu respects the waitress as someone of considerable intellect and maturity. He's greatly thankful to her for assisting him in getting involved with the ghoul world.


  • "Not that it should be legal to be awake this early on a Sunday..."



  • Ryuu is an extreme coffee addict and is completely incapable of functioning without the strongest of caffeine to keep him going.
  • While he’s currently left school, he’s still studying as normal. Ironically, after losing his home and friends, there’s not as many chores he needs to get done, leading to an increase of free time. As a result, he can afford to study properly despite leading Ursa effectively full-time.
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