Sayuri Kawaguchi
Name Sayuri Kawaguchi
User /u/qvalador
Species Human
Status Smoking
Age 26
Gender Female
Birthday September 19, 1992
Height 170,18 cm
Weight 62,91 kg
Affiliations CCG
Ward 3rd
Rank First Class
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Sayuri (小百合) is a CCG investigator currently living in the third ward. Notable for her hatred of ghouls and dedication to exterminating them, she is the obvious daughter of the late Ren Kawaguchi.


Frizzy, fluffy red hair that falls to her shoulders. She's average in height and somewhat muscular despite her lithe build. Her face is naturally cute but wouldn't normally be described as beautiful; her eyes are a deep brown. She tends to wear a black peacoat on outings, or a bright red suit when in the office.  Following her encounter with Koharu Tagata, her face is covered in straight, white scars.


Though she was once loud and crude like her father, since learning of his fate by Kotetsu Torabashi, she's been much more reserved. She hates her father and lives her life trying desperately to avoid emulating him in any way.  Despite this, she's an avid drinker and not a little promiscuous, just like her old man.  She's very brutally honest, and has a deep hatred for ghouls, though the integrity of this hatred is sometimes thrown into question.  As time has progressed, she's grown increasingly sullen, and at the present is more likely to keep her thoughts to herself than she is to vocalise them.



Sayuri's induction into the CCG is slow at best. She spends her days wasting a way in a hot, sweaty third ward CCG branch, answering calls and dealing with her sole coworker, a mousy man known as Shigeru. After weeks at the grind and an awkward sexual encounter with her officemate, she eventually receives a call from Yamoto, one of her instructors at the academy. Yamoto reports that her request to browse the CCG Headquarters' documents has been approved. She walks there gladly and spends the day searching through records, ultimately concluding that the first step to finding her father would be at Anteiku. When she returns, she finds that the third ward office has been destroyed, a burning lotus left on the desk, and she is relocated to the first ward as a result. Soon afterwards, Sayuri meets with Nikki Futago to speak with regards to her father, though he has no information to spare. Sayuri, however, learns more about the true nature of ghouls in a sense that her time in the academy couldn't offer, and leaves with her ideals mildly shaken. At some point within this general timeframe, Sayuri spends an evening in the bar and meets a number of people.

Wild, Wild EastEdit

Sayuri meets her new unit, the leader of which being Nakano Otsuji, and trains to a certain extent before embarking on her first mission, which entails the investigation of the Aogiri ghoul, Daren Blackshire (better knwon by his alias, Soundwave). Though she never does interact with Soundwave himself, the investigation takes she and her unit into the eighth ward, and they come into contact with a nefarious ghoul known as Yellowjacket. It is during this, her first battle both as an investigator and with her new unit, that Sayuri claims her first real success, incapacitating Yellowjacket so he can be taken in for questioning.


Shortly before the events of Starfall, Sayuri takes in Yellowjacket for questioning in regards to the ghoul Soundwave. During Starfall, she participates in the toppling of the SSS-rate kakuja Nikki Futago, harbouring resentment toward him for his relationship with her father.


Prior to the auction raid, Sayuri cooperates with her to capture the ghoul Centurion A by means of blackmail and extract information from him such that the CCG is able to pinpoint the Rose Club as the sight of an upcoming auction. She arrives fashionably late on the night of the auction to come into contact with the Black Rose. Their combat is neck-and-neck for the majority of the fight, with Sayuri suffering a number of gashes and wounds, but in the end she overpowers her comrade after his quinque shatters. Having killed a human, and one with whom she was familiar at that, Kinmaru's death causes Sayuri to call into question the means of the CCG, and how comfortable she is with the disposal of human life at the CCG's hands.

Not too long after Kinmaru's death, Sayuri enters battle with Koharu Tagata. She is far from successful and ultimately succumbs to the half-ghoul's strength. Koharu proceeds to torture Sayuri violently; Sayuri's mind melts into nothing but pain, self-loathing, and suicidal desire before Seph Winters comes to her rescue.


Sayuri spends the duration of this arc in recovery from her torture. She is visited by Seph Winters and Jiro Horikoshi and begins questioning her world view even further, but not much else occurs at this time.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Soundwave Investigation Wild, Wild East Sayuri cooperates with squadmates Chiyo Aikawa and Shoma Hayashi to defeat the ghoul Yellowjacket on her first mission as an initiate.
Death of Bob Smith Wild, Wild East Sayuri fights a pair of ghouls, Juggernaut and Minato, alongside a fellow investigator Bob Smith. Despite some mild initial success, Sayuri is horrified to watch as Bob is brutally killed, reduced to nothing more than soup. Sayuri manages to flee the scene, heavily shaken by the incident.
Wrap-Up Wild, Wild East After her first promotion ever, Sayuri approaches Torabashi Kotetsu and asks him about the whereabouts of her father. Torabashi responds in kind by telling her that Ren was dead, and that he had died one of the greatest traitors in CCG history. Her mind lurching and taking a drastic turn, Sayuri thanks Torabashi and leaves for the night.
Duality Starfall Sayuri participates in the extermination of Gemini, releasing her resentment toward him for having been friends with her father.
Divide and Conquer Platinum Sayuri cooperates with to capture Centurion A. To do this, they must first exterminate Praetorian, then capture Centurion B to be used as blackmail in order to extract information from Centurion A. The operation proceeds seamlessly, and Sayuri is awarded a promotion for her efforts. The information extracted from Centurion A alerts the CCG to the auction at Rose Club.
Apex Platinum Sayuri battles with the Black Rose until his quinque shatters. Though Sayuri suffers some minor injuries, she escapes the battle exhausted but unscathed. As the Black Rose breathes his last, Sayuri identifies him as her comrade Kinmaru Kurotsuchi, and realises she's killed a human. She softly counters his assertion that she is chosen by the gods by stating that she is only a hard worker, though her mind is deeply troubled as Kinmaru passes into the next life. Shortly afterwards, she enters battle with Koharu Tagata, only to lose miserably. She is gruesomely tortured but is saved by her squad leader, Seph Winters.
Wrap-Up Monochrome Sayuri is discharged from the hospital and decides to make a stop by Nakano's room.  She is frightened to learn of Nakano's new, crippled state, but is in a strange way encouraged that she had suffered minimal damage in comparison.  Her request for her fellow investigator grows as she note Nakano's persistent confidence despite her horrible affliction.
Worldstage Spotlight Sayuri teams up with her squadmate, Tokio Nakagawa, to take on the Aogiri executive Minato and his temporary assistant, Ryuu.
I — Dreams of a Samurai One-shot Sayuri is loathe to begin another day at the daily grind. While at work, filling out paperwork, she daydreams of glory on the battlefield while denying the clumsy advances of a coworker.
II — The Getaway One-shot Sayuri's day at work is interrupted by an unexpected call from a previous colleague, beckoning her to the CCG Headquarters in the First Ward as her request to peruse its records had finally been approved. Sayuri happily spends the day browsing through the vast library of knowledge for data on her father, Ren Kawaguchi, but returns to the office ransacked and vandalised. A record falls from her bag and into the water, pointing her towards Anteiku in her search for her father, and by extension Nikki Futago.
Parental Bond One-shot Sayuri is sent on a mission to procure evidence from a ghoul family of their species. The search is mildly intrusive and highly tense; after some questioning, Sayuri ventures to the kitchen and discovers human meat. Realising that their jig is up, the family fights back. Sayuri uses her new quinque to strike down the man of the house, and plans to send the mother and children to Cochlea in a move of pity. However, when the mother pleads Sayuri to show sympathy, Sayuri is reminded ofher late father, and flies into a rage, killing the children and sending the mother to Cochlea to spend the rest of her life in utter anguish.
Seeing Red Reason One-shot Sayuri has a meeting with a retired quinque manufacturer, Dr. Ichiro Kurosawa, to find the truth regarding his father. Though Ichiro insists that Ren was a diamond in the rough with a passion and skill with fighting that had never before been seen in the CCG, he admits having detected inklings of ghoul sympathy. After stating that he believes Ren was a good man nonetheless, Sayuri declares him useless and unreliable before leaving.
A Strawberry, Left to Decay One-shot Ren Kawaguchi takes a young Sayuri on a fishing trip and explains to her the dangerous, sinful nature of his career, and the position in which it places him. He insists that he must leave in order to keep Sayuri and her mother safe. Sayuri does not understand, as young as she is, and begins to cry. She returns home, and in the morning, her father is gone.
Stronger Than Your Head Public RP Sayuri meets with various characters including Asami Kato, Natalia Hana, Rinko Tsuniba, Mae, Kenji Hamada, and Zakaria Yousef.
Believing, Is That So Wrong Private RP Sayuri tracks down Nikki Futago and enquires him regarding the whereabouts of her father, Ren Kawaguchi, but Nikki kindly remains tight-lipped, and she walks out empty-handed but somewhat enlightened as to the true nature of ghouls.
Waiting In Line, And There's A Light On Public RP Sayuri recovers from her torture by Koharu Tagata at the hospital, and is visited first by Seph Winters. Though their conversation is initially light-hearted banter, it rapidly becomes more serious, and Sayuri opens up to Seph about her insecurities about her father and her doubts regarding the CCG.  She's also visited by a sympathetic Jiro, with whom she develops an unexpected bond.
A Table for Two Private RP Sayuri actually interacts with one of her squadmates, Shiro, for once in her life.
Getting Back in the Swing of Things Private RP Sayuri meets a fellow investigator, Chiharu, at a small, irritating bar, and has some interesting conversation with the odd woman, finding they share more than she would have guesed.
A Reunion Overdue Private RP Sayuri meets a very familiar face at a local café and has what she believes to be a fairly amicable conversation, totally unaware of the "stranger's" identity.
Reciprocity in Attraction Private RP While at a quiet, vacant bar, Sayuri meets Kurobe, thus initiating the most adorable ship ever.


Name Details
Ren Kawaguchi Sayuri seems to have once loved her father dearly, and apparently moved to Tokyo and joined the CCG in an effort to find him after he left Sayuri and her mother beyond when she was only young. However, she fails to find him, and after learning the circumstances of his death, develops an intense hatred for him and everything he stands for. Nonetheless, she's noted that although she tries her best to be as different from him as possible, every new piece of information she learns about her lost father leads her to believe they're more similar than she's fully comfortable with.
Nikki Futago Sayuri and Nikki seemed to get along fairly amicably, though their interaction was partially hazed by Sayuri's prejudice against ghouls. Nikki, a long-time friend of her father's, recognised her scent immediately and took kindly to her. Their pleasant interaction caused a stirring in Sayuri's previously well-defined notion of ghoulkind. However, following her revelation regarding her father's fate, she grows to hate Nikki as the embodiment of her father's sympathetic ways. She even has a minor hand in his death, and exchanges flame with him as she looses her quinque.
Nakano Otsuji Sayuri greatly respects her previous squad-mate.  In the past Sayuri looked up to Nakano for her grace and sharp intellect, and into the present she respects the investigator for her uncompromising confidence and optimism even in the face of horrific disability.
Kinmaru Kurotsuchi Though they don't get along well in their cooperation during the Yellowjacket questioning, Sayuri and Kinmaru maintain an unspoken respect and friendship for one another. When she eventually kills him unwittingly during the Auction Raid, she feels great respect for her opponent, and experiences the inklings of regret as he passes away.
Seph Winters Though they've always gotten along well, Sayuri considers Seph the embodimen of what an investigator ought to be, and considers him something of a brother figure. She holds him very dearly after he saved her life from Koharu Tagata. They're shown to be rather similar in their mentalities, both of them clinging to a role model who is generally scorned for a dishonourable death, and both holding reservations toward the general CCG attitude. She is known to trust him deeply, and has opened up to him on occasion.
Koharu Tagata After being tortured by her hand, Sayuri developed a deep hatred for violent ghouls, but more specifically, she vowed vengeance against the teenaged half-ghoul. Though they are yet to meet again, Sayuri considers her the characterisation of all that she despises, and wishes for nothing more than to wipe her off the planet.
Kurobe Chiaki Absolutely adorable.



She looked up at Seph and gave him a glance which she hoped expressed a fraction of her gratitude— her deep, abiding regard for finally having a proper family of her own after all this time. Violent, rotten to the core, and by every definition of the word, dysfunctional. But for Sayuri Kawaguchi, that's what a family had always been.

— Waiting In Line, And There's A Light On

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