Shinagati was a CCG Trainee and generally could be found in whatever wards that CCG assigned him to. During the events of the Eye for an Eye arc, he is devoured in combat by the ghoul Nai Hanashimasu.

Shinagati Renati
Name Shinagati Renati
User /u/Zach565
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height 5'9
Weight 177
Blood Type AB
Affiliations CCG
Ward Drifter
Class Trainee
Division Hotaru Squad
Rank CCG Initiate
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Shinagati was 5’9 tall, and weighed 177 lbs. He had a lean build and dark-brown hair mid-length hair that was sometimes kept in a ponytail or parted in the middle. Shinagati owned piercing green eyes, that occasionally felt as if they would pierce the soul.

His left arm had been covered in a tattoo of a dragon breathing fire, to better describe this, his shoulder had the tail of the dragon and as it ran down his arm with it’s wings folded on top of itself, it breathed fire that reached his wrist.

His torso was scared with cuts from knives, many on his sides, but a noticeable one would be the long scar that sat horizontally upon his back.


Shinagati had a playful personality, and enjoyed a good life with his friends, while not above thinking deeply when need be, he had been the one who always tried to lighten the mood, and make someone actually feel good about themselves. In his heart he felt he was a reliable person, and willing to take care of just about anyone who wanted help.

Secretly though, he was incredibly cruel when fighting people he deems enemies, he enjoys to cause pain to them, before putting them out of their misery, as that was the way of ‘’true punishment.” However, it had also likely been the cause of his death, having been too interested in sadism to kill the cultist Nai Hanashimasu when given the chance.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
11th Ward Aogiri Raid Arc Shinigati takes part in the CCG raid against the 11th Ward abandoned mall that housed Aogiri Tree. During which he engages in combat with the, then, C- rate ghoul Nai Hanashimasu and loses his life.
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