Shoko Isamu

Shoko Isamu


Name Shoko Isamu
User /u/FogKnight22
Alias دُوَيْبة / Hashara (By Sen Ishikawa)


Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Affiliations :re
Relatives Hayate Isamu (Brother)
Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku
Rating C
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Shoko Isamu is a ghoul who resides within :re in 20th Ward. Shoko is considered as :re's waitress, having been moved from Yokohama to Tokyo for a change in environment and to hopefully check on her brother, Hayate Isamu whom is deceased and known as Lancelot.

Appearance Edit

Shoko has long, straight dark brown hair that reaches up to her hips, possessing bangs that would cover her eyes at times just like her deceased brother, Hayate. Usually, Shoko would prefer to leave her long hair down besides during certain activities. Similarly, Shoko has dark brown-colored eyes while wearing her prescription glasses, but her vision isn’t as blurry without them. In addition to her facial attributes, Shoko has freckles spread throughout her cheeks, small nose and lips, and oval-shaped head. Shoko possess a timid body though, considering she never exerted any sort of activity that might involve gradual body development, but Shoko considered getting fit one day. Shoko’s favorite casual outfit consists of red flannel shirt, dark blue jeans, leather jacket, and dark-colored sneakers.

During the necessary ghoul periods, although she mostly goes just to get food without actually hunting, Shoko wears a mask that is pretty identical to a certain spider-themed superhero, a no-sleeved compression top underneath a hoodie, sweat pants, and covert boots.

Personality Edit

Shoko is a pretty innocent and positive individual, enjoying making company with people and getting to know them more, along with doing her best to spread light humor all around. Externally, it is as if Shoko’s an angel who enjoys making people enjoy their time with her along with regularly teasing them in any way positive. Overall, Shoko is a pretty approachable and open person, which is kind of an opposite side of Hayate whom is more socially conscious. While Hayate has always been an aficionado for history, Shoko is more into fictional media, in particular the Western comic books rather than her home country’s manga.

However, Shoko hides a negative side of her, as she suffers from her own share of troubles within her head. Shoko is emotionally vulnerable as a person as she simply wants peace and lack of hostility all around, including against investigators and other potential hostile foes. It is also likely that she could respond in a violent and harsh manner if confronted and pushed with topics she isn’t comfortable to deal with. Shoko might also investigate questionable things on her own ranging from potential social dramas to serious situations that might involve discovering something she would regret knowing about. In serious moments too, Shoko can be a very direct person, although it can be inconsistent at times depending on her emotional status.

Relationships Edit


Tadashi Hisakawa Known as Shoko's manager in :re cafe, the younger woman has deep respect for her superior and thinks very highly of him. Shoko also enjoys conversing with him when given the chance and is also curious about him generally.
Haruna Kurosawa First met in Zanzibar while going through sudden grief and mourning over Hayate's long-time death, Shoko paid for Haruna's services to grant her knowledge about her brother's doings in Tokyo. Shoko appreciated the help Haruna gave while being understanding of the circumstances. Two of them have met up again coincidentally in a book store as well (to be expanded upon once the thread is done)
Junko Kobayashi Shoko was saved by Junko while the former was on her way to Zanzibar. Shoko was initially grateful before discovering the fact Junko was her brother's murderer three years ago, causing her immense grief in the process. Shoko initially was terrified and potentially hated Junko before talking with Haruna and, most particularly, Tadashi along with proceeding to accept the truth by her own during temporary break from work. Shoko aims to show gratitude to her brother's lover after some more needed time passes.
Ume (Juggernaut) A co-worker within :re, Ume was approached by Shoko during the end of their respective shifts as they were cleaning up the establishment. Shoko personally thought that Ume was pretty adorable and friendly while feeling guilty that she might have pushed the giant off her preferred boundaries. Shoko also felt comfortable enough to open up to Ume about the former's situation involving Hayate's death.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Strengths: Shoko is a nimble and quick person, so she could avoid potential attacks when reasonably possible. Shoko is also perceptive which supports her quickness in evading said attacks overall. It is thanks to her sensory capabilities which help with her perception, but her biggest strength when it comes to that is scent, but she usually tries to improve other aspects of her senses to be more akin to few specific Western superheroes. It is difficult though without proper fighting experience, which she lacks, so her sense of smell is what she relies on the most.

Weaknesses: Shoko lacks fighting experience in any capacity, always relying on fleeing from potential combat encounters if they get too dangerous. Shoko is also pretty vulnerable from damage if she gets hit, so her durability isn’t particularly impressive. While she is quick, Shoko’s stamina isn’t that good either considering the lack of activity exertion throughout her life.

Kagune Edit

Type: Rinkaku

Appearance and Mechanics: Shoko has two rinkaku tentacles which she utilises mostly for transportation purposes rather than fights. The tentacles are silver-ish in color and while they aren’t piercing, they are rather sticky. They can easily attach to anything from buildings to potential opponents. Depending on the opponent’s weight, Shoko could even pull or yank them during fights. However it is rare when that actually works since her tentacles aren’t particularly strong, so she only uses them like a certain Western hero.

Threads Edit

Thread Link

Thread Type Thread Description
Business As Usual Social Shoko proceeded to start her day by serving Jiro and Alisa for the beginning of her shift. Much time after as the cafe had become empty, the young waitress was cleaning around as her boss, Tadashi, came in to check on her.
The Smell of Trauma Interaction Shoko going on her way to Zanzibar bar to gain potential information about her older brother's, Hayate, whereabouts. After Shoko almost lost her life to a group of cannibalistic ghouls though, the mysterious saviour had saved her but at the cost of realising the true fate of Hayate. Distraught as the saviour departed soon after, Shoko continued onto her way to Zanzibar to gain information from its bartender.
If This Be My Destiny One-Shot Shoko taking the time off from work to recollect herself emotionally after the revelation of her brother's murder.
Catching Up Interaction Shoko came to a book store to buy a horror comic-book, only to coincidentally meet up with Charlotte as the historian was disguised and noticed her. They proceeded to converse with each other.
Giving it a Thought Interaction Shoko was cleaning up the remaining tables before noticing her co-worker, Ume, was doing her work at the same time by polishing the glass cups. That prompted Shoko to try to get to know one of her co-workers more.
Getting Back Into It Interaction Shoko arrived at :re establishment's basement to notify her manager that she had finished up her shift, mostly to show that the temporary break away from work helped in recollecting herself. It soon progressed into combat training to better prepare the inexperienced ghoul for the future potential circumstances.
Joy Itself Interaction Shoko was busy with the washing duties, scrubbing the used utensils of the cafe. Soon after they would be helped by Ayumi to finish up the shift in a quicker manner.
A Change of Pace Interaction After being requested by her manager to check on the corpse collection spots around 20th Ward, Shoko proceeded to go along with the ward patrol for the night. It was the first time within the role-play setting in which Shoko had demonstrated her ghoul persona and costume, resembling a certain fictional arachnid super-hero. Shoko then found a suspicious individual with a duffel bag, deciding to check what the individual is about, whom was revealed as the Phantom Thief Crow.
Brand New Night Interaction Shoko was on her patrolling shift for the night as she then came across an unfamiliar and suspicious ghoul whom was about to consume her potential prey while they were unconscious. Shoko's hope for that night was to stop that from happening and potentially diffuse the situation.

Trivia Edit

  • Shoko's main image had been made by @d4imeiwaku
  • Shoko's ghoul attire appearance had been made by Dokinana
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