Shoma Hayashi is a ghoul investigator currently employed within Matsushita Squad.

Shoma Hayashi
Name Shoma Hayashi
User /u/FoolishlyGhoulish
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 69 kg
Affiliations CCG
Kotsuzan Squad (formerly)
Matsushita Squad
Quinque Tsunagi
Rank Rank 2
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Shoma is a somewhat short male with short length brown hair that he keeps somewhat tidy. He has green eyes and a rather pointed chin. Shoma is rather lean, yet defined from his training at the academy. He prefers clothes with saturated colors, though when on the job, he wears the standard investigator uniform of a white overcoat with a black pants. Under the coat he usually sports shirts of varying shades of black complimented by a striped grey or solid red tie. The outfit is completed with his simple and comfortable black dress shoes.


Shoma is known to have a rather sarcastic, sometimes caustic, side to his personality. Those who have met him will be sure to mention that he is quite the realist, and isn’t afraid to admit his or other’s shortcomings. Given this fact, many who first meet Shoma find him to be quite mean, although he very rarely means to harm. Shoma outwardly appears quite humble; however, he due to his academic success in the academy, he thinks quite highly of himself intellectually. He is known to be quite determined, but knows his limits. He is not afraid to run from a fight he knows he can't win.

Shoma is not Anti-Ghoul. However, his only knowledge of them comes from his education at the Academy and his own run-ins with the species. As such, he thinks of very little of them individually, but marvels at their biology and attempts to integrate with human society.


Not much is known of Shoma's history yet.

During the Anteiku raid, he had a mental hallucination of sorts that seemed to depict a close encounter with a ghoul. When this event occurred and the exact details are unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Above average intelligence.
Above average reflexes.
Average endurance.



Name: Tsunagi

Rating: C

Type: Bikaku

Status: In service

Appearance: It is a plain sword Quinque.

Strengths: The Tsunagi is a balanced weapon with no particular strengths or weaknesses.

Weaknesses: The Tsunagi is a balanced weapon with no particular strengths or weaknesses.

Mechanics: It is a simple sword.


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