Name Shouwei
User /u/Sombre-Alfonce
Alias Gladiolus
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 34
Gender Male
Birthday 1985
Height 6'
Affiliations The Red Sun
Ward 20th
Rc Type Koukaku
Rc Level 4217 (As low as 1168 after kagune use)
Rating A+
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Shouwei (Shǒu Wèi) is the Head Butler to the Zhi siblings and a ghoul of Chinese decent. He is the "Rook" of The Red Sun and currently lives and works at the Ivory Castle Estate in the 20th Ward.

Appearance Edit

Shouwei is tall at 6' with tan skin darker than most of the other residents of the Estate. He has distinct chiseled features and a heavily muscled build, especially around the arms and chest. He is rarely seen out of uniform.

Personality Edit

Shouwei feels no doubt and empathy for most. He is cold and focused, willing to tell others off if necessary regardless of rank or title. This makes him an excellent Head Butler and an unquestioning killer. He believes ethics and morals are pointless even among humans, and that among ghouls they serve absolutely no purpose. Power and knowledge is what he finds important. If he’s ordered to do something, he may as well get it done effectively. He has a stoic demeanour and an explosive temper which more often than not vented in sudden bursts of violence, although this is always done away from the eyes of the siblings. It has been shown that at times he exhibits a sadistic personality, in that he often attempts to bring out the worst in those he deems interesting, forcing them to do things that break them psychologically. He is intelligent, if single-minded, he isn’t known for multi-tasking and prefers to complete one job at a time from his mental list. However, he can plan meticulously with one aim in mind.

Brainwashed from a young age, deep inside he resents those who have set him in this position. This much has been ascertained by various conversations with Liao, and reminiscence of their past.

He doesn’t speak unnecessarily unless something has truly peaked his interest, or in a situation in which he has the capacity to create something interesting by verbal manipulation.

History Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Strengths Edit

- A wall.

- Extreme strength/endurance (Unless rc cells are depleted after kagune use)

- Considerable regenerative ability.

Weaknesses Edit

- Walls aren't supposed to move.

- Little to no agility.

- Slow over average to long distances, capable of short bursts of speed with the aid of momentum.

- Kagune use greatly reduces endurance, strength and his ability to release his kagune.

Kagune Edit

Shouwei's kagune is a koukaku, taking the form of two massive steel-like shields that he wields on both arms. They are wider than himself, and extremely hardy, but this is paid for in their weight and unwieldy nature. Regardless of this Shouwei is well versed in the use of his kagune shields, and can use them with relative ease. They do not change size however, so are awkward to use in confined spaces. The shields have two spikes on the lower side of the shield that allow them to dig into the landscape, or enemy flesh.

In combat, he commonly arranges them similarly to that utilised by the Roman military, supporting on shield on top of the other like in a tortoise formation. When idle he plants them in the ground, thereby reducing the strain on his arms and pectoral girdle. Unlike many ghouls kagune which retreats into their body when not in use, only a small amount of Shouwei's kagune does so, the rest is shed off onto the ground to slowly degrade. The shed kagune will often hold it's shape well for up to minutes on end, however Shouwei has no control over it. Instead he will often use it as a temporary shield to wrap-up the fight, as after one kagune release his rc cells are heavily depleted due to the inability to withdraw the majority of kagune. After a fight Shouwei often needs to retreat for long periods of time to binge in order to increase his RC level back to a normal level.

Threads Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Starfall - Supernova (Aogiri Tree/Red Sun) Arc Shouwei and Yin deal with some Vermin.
Platinum - Apex Arc Shouwei attends the auction at the Rose Club, accompanied by Yin.
Platinum - Red Sun (Wrap-up) Arc Wrap-up Shouwei is 'rewarded'.
Monochrome - Invasion Arc Shouwei being an all round nice guy.
Monochrome - Checkmate Arc Shouwei accompanies Yun to say hello to the neighbours.
Spotlight - Olive Branch Arc The Ivory Castle Receives an unexpected party of visitors.
Chinese Hospitality Social Shouwei watches a bunch of shady people carefully before retiring for the night. However Liao might have other plans
The Dawn of the Red Sun Private RP Shouwei's introduction.
Back to Serve Private RP Jia returns, and things become more heated than expected.

Relationships Edit

Name Details
Zhi Liao Serves as her Head Butler. Shouwei maintains an even more professional stance with Liao than with Yun, partially due to their respective management positions within the household. The two share a similar position in dealing with Yun, and that, combined with their similar age, allows them to get along well.
Zhi Yun Serves as her Head Butler. Shouwei is keyed in to her antics after many years of service, developing a variety of strategies and a ways of acting that allow him to both serve her well but remain focused and professional. It is not unknown for him to make veiled sarcastic and teasing remarks on her habits. He also has a fascination with finding things to amuse her, whether that be people, places or objects.
Jia Huiqing The head maid of the Ivory Castle, Shouwei has a strong working relationship with the woman and affords her a great deal of respect overshadowed only by Yun and Liao. Like Yun, she had a habit of attempting to tease or incite reactions from him.
Yin Wang Shouwei's ally and another member of the Red Sun, like the rest of the family he doesn't fully trust the boy, but accepts his presence more so than others. Shouwei often expresses displeasure and exasperation at Yin's boisterous personality and constant need to fit in. Regardless he respects him as much as he feels necessary.
Minato Tomori 'The rinkaku' to Shouwei, he has shown an interest in the strange nature of the boys kagune, expressing a desire to inform Yun of it, by force if necessary.
Annabelle Johnson Another specimen that has caught the eye of Shouwei.

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Trivia Edit

- Shǒu Wèi (守卫) translates to 'to guard.'

- Old art by me, new art by the fantastic JokersMaze.

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