Takao Shirogane is a First Class Rank One Investigator in the CCG and the youngest grandson of the current Chairman.

Takao Shirogane
Name Takao Shirogane
User /u/FoolishlyGhoulish
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday March 15
Height 178 cm
Weight 73.5 kg
Blood Type AB+
Affiliations CCG / Shirogane Family
Ward 1st Ward
Quinque Satsujin
Division S3 Shirogane Squad (Formerly) / S3 Okazaki Squad
Rank Rank One
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Takao has a lean yet defined build. His obsidian hair is kept short on the sides with volume on top that he keeps ruggedly teased. His ash brown eyes are tense and suit his strong, angular facial features. Takao often wears rather colorful shirts under his investigator coat, with colorful ties to match.


Takao is known to be quiet, reserved, and friendly. He always appears rather serious and rarely laughs or jokes. Due to his quiet nature, he remains an enigma to most investigators.


Takao was raised alongside his brother, Asao Shirogane, by his grandfather and the current Chairman of the Commission of Counter Ghoul, Hisashi Shirogane. From an early age, he and his brother were groomed to be exemplary investigators by their grandfather. Over time, however, Hisashi came to favor Asao over Takao, and thus Takao soon found himself under the tutelage of one of the Shirogane's retainers.

Much of his early career has not been fully detailed yet. However, it is known that he rose to the rank of First Class with impressive speed, though he quickly hit a wall in his progression.

Following the escape of the ghoul Jack Conklin during a special operations transport headed under his leadership, Takao was demoted to Rank One and stripped of his position as leader of S3 Shirogane Squad. Currently, he has been transferred to S3 Okazaki Squad, where the Chairman wishes for him to study under the mentorship of Associate Special Class Izumi Okazaki.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Takao's connections within the CCG offer him many bonuses. As a Shirogane, he never wants for anything. Additionally, he has received no less than the finest education and training.

High strength: Takao is clearly a man of great strength as evidenced by his defined build. He is not quite in the top tier of investigators, but is still significantly stronger than most.

Skilled Quinque Wielder: Since he has had his quinque for many years, he is quite skilled with it in combat.

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Name: Satsujin

Rating: A

Type: Koukaku

Status: In service

Appearance: Satsujin's shield is a deep purple accented with a pearlescent burgundy. The blade-like edges are a vibrant, flowing red. The handle and grips match the purple of the shield.

Strengths: Incredibly durable and stable. Versatile.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Mechanics: Satsujin's base form is that of a deep purple shield accented with a pearlescent burgundy. With a quick button press, the bright red, sharp blade-like edges expand, and the shield may be used as melee weapon. Another button can also be used to transform it into Axe Form. In this form, the deep purple handle and grips extend and the shield rises to become the blade of a large, two handed axe. The length of the weapon when two handed is a full 5 feet. The shield is 1.5 feet across and 2 feet tall.


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Platinum - Apex Arc Takao and his squad engage with the Aogiri ghoul Juggernaut. They forced the ghoul to retreat from the battle, though not before she injured one of their squad mates, Shigeru.
Platinum - Apex Arc Following their encounter with Juggernaut, S3 Shirogane squad is retreating from the Rose Club when Takao spots Aogiri Executive and wanted ghoul 'Incision.' He splits off from squad in order to give pursuit.
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ARC WRAP-UP Wild, Wild, East - (CCG) RP Takao exchanges pleasantries and small talk with the illustrious Akane Hotaru.
Formality and Consequence RP Takao invites Nakano Otsuji, Joseph Winters, Izumi Okazaki, and Shouta Yamazaki out to a formal business dinner, where he relays orders from Torabashi Kotetsu.


Name Details
Asao Shirogane Takao has shown nothing but respect and admiration towards his brother.
Hisashi Shirogane Takao and his grandfather are rarely seen together. The current status of their relationship is unknown to the public.
Izumi Okazaki Takao resents Izumi greatly, and believes his success is the result of nothing more than being in the right places at the right times.
Quinx Squad Takao has high hopes for the squad, and feels that their potential is quite large. One of their few defenders.
Chiharu S3 Shirogane squad's lone female member, Chiharu has known Takao the longest out of the other members. As such, she is often able to see through his different facades. Takao greatly respects her for her sharp intuition and battle sense.
Shigeru The straight man of S3 Shirogane squad, Shigeru is a skilled and intelligent swordsman. Despite his serious visage, Shigeru is quite sociable. Takao finds him to be very dependable.
Daichi The youngest member of S3 Shirogane squad, Daichi is known for his endless optimism and energy. He greatly admires Takao, much to the annoyance of Chiharu. Takao appreciates the light-hearted air Daichi carries and is proud of the young man's ability in relation to his age.
Takumi The newest member of S3 Shirogane squad, Takumi has shown himself to fit in quite well with the other members. With his versatile skill set, he has found himself playing each and every role in the squad at some point or another. Takao sees great promise in him, though he hasn't fully come to understand the man just yet.


  • "How unpleasant."


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  • Takao was promoted to First Class relatively early, yet his career has since stagnated.
  • Takao is the only character in the RP to ever be demoted.
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