Tatsuhiro Owari



Name Tatsuhiro Owari
Japanese Name 尾張 達広
User /u/DekkTheODST
Alias 'The Puppeteer', 'The Mask Maker', 'The Ender'
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Birthday October 29th
Height 6'0 (183 cm)
Blood Type A-
Affiliations CCG (Past)

We've Gone Rogue

Relatives Mr. Galveston-Owari (Deceased)

Yui Owari (Deceased)

Fuyuko Owari (Alive)

Ward 7th Ward
Quinque Doragonkurō
Class Rogue (AWOL)
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Tatsuhiro 'Hiro' Galveston-Owari ( 尾張 達広, Owari Tatsuhiro) was a human (commonly mistaken for a Ghoul) residing in the 7th Ward. Little was known about his personality, agenda, or goals, other than the fact that he was the cannibalistic leader of the We've Gone Rogue, a mysterious vigilante mafia.

It was revealed that he, in truth, was a rogue/AWOL CCG Investigator, whose father was the very same Mr. Galveston that Sierra Gray killed.

Up until his death he worked as the Mask Maker in his shop Two Face (偽善者Gizen-sha, lit. Hypocrite.) as well as operated the company known as the Husk Cleaning Service, usually just called Husk (殻, Kara.

His alias was The Puppeteer, not to be confused with his rank in WGR, The Ender.

Personality Edit

Hiro seemed to be a mysterious person, commonly expressing his vast knowledge of all the customers that request his services.

He seemed to enjoy life and living in the moment, and tended to show annoyance easily. He had been hinted to have a superiority complex. It was also expressed that he has some sort of resentment for the CCG, due to them killing his sister, Yui.

History Edit

Little was known about his exact history. It was known that Hiro's mother was born in Turkey, and moved to Japan. Upon visiting family, she met Hiro's father, Mr. Galveston.

Early on in his life, he was a infamous boxer known as The Puppet, who gained his reputation after defeating a ghoul in the ring in only 3 rounds.

3 years later and Hiro was offered to go pro, and informed his sister, Yui, who was diagnosed with RoS Disease, causing kagune-like growths. Upon taking his sister outside, a rookie investigator mistook her for a ghoul and killed her. Hiro, in a fit of rage, killed him in return.

After his father was killed, however, he split off from the CCG and created the Rogues.

He was later killed by the leaders of the Tokyo Branch of The Inquisitors.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Quinque Question: Little was known about his Doragonkurō, leading to it's effects being unknown.

Puppet's Physique:  With an immense sense of balance, strength, and flexibility, Hiro could control his body and put it into impressive positions similar to that of the movement of a string-based puppet. This proved useful in battle.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Edit

Investigator Training: As a former CCG Investigator, he had extensive training in Quinque use and hand-to-hand combat.

Boxing Experience: With the strength to take down a ghoul in hand to hand, and the knowledge of the sport, he was indeed well rehearsed in fist-fighting.

Cheapshot: With no sense of honor on the battlefield, he commonly used cheap tactics to get ahead in battle, such as false strikes.

Trivia Edit

  • He was ambidextrous.
  • He had been known to crack puns.
  • He was three quarters Turkish, one quarter Japanese.
  • Hiro liked electronic music.
  • He disliked spiders, but appreciates them.
  • He had been noted to have 'big feet and hands', which signals another part of his body might be of a large size.
  • He had two whole theme songs
  • Hiro was fluent in Arabic, Japanese, English, and knows a bit of Russian
  • He was a well known Boxer in his youth.
  • He had many tattoos of various complex geometric shapes. One appears to be similar to a crescent moon, thought to be a reference to the Turkish Flag, his nation of birth.

Quinque Edit

Doragonkurō Edit

(ドラゴンクロー, lit, Dragon Claw) Little was known about this glove quinque and it's abilities, besides the fact it is Hiro's weapon of choice.

Moeru kaze Edit

(燃える風, lit, Burning Wind) Moeru Kaze was a shikomizue/cane sword quinque, with no shown abilities beyond its impressive sharpness.


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Name Details
Kana Itsuhara While their exact relationship is unknown, they seem to be friendly to each other, as their factions constantly align in goals.
Atsui Koi While the young boy seems to resent Hiro, he seems to have taken a liking to him. The exact reason why, be it a fatherly bond, a empathetic bond, etc, is unknown.
Xeno Akizaki Hiro has taken a liking to him due to his ability to listen. He seems to feel empathetic for his helpless atmosphere, and offered him a VIP Membership in response.


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