John Kurosawa (AKA The Broker) is a 47 year old ghoul. Very little is known about his backstory other than his adopted son, Kichirou Kurosawa. He owns a bar called Zanzibar in which he is the sole staff member. He also runs a private investigation and Information Brokering service, from which his alias is derived.

The Broker
Name The Broker
User /u/Kawaii_Crab
Alias The Broker
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 47
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Affiliations J.K Investigations
Rating C
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The Broker has green eyes and messy, rusty-brown hair. When working as a bartender he usually dresses in a simple white button-up shirt, black slacks and a black tie, sometimes opting to wear an apron too.

When doing investigatory work or concealing his identity, he wears a brown fedora and trenchcoat, stereotypical of 1940 PIs, one of his favorite tropes.


The Broker is very gruff and can come off as aggressive, but has a sense of humour. He prefers not to get too attached to people, and tries to ward them off with his aggressive attitude. He is a massive alcoholic, and additionally has anger issues, and problems with accepting responsibility. He has physically abused his son in the past, inflicting a scar on his shoulderblade from his kagune.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skilled information gatherer: The Broker has worked in information his entire life, and is adept both in the field and studying his targets. He is an skilled detective that can extract significant quantities of data during his investigations.

Kagune Control: Given The Broker's life experience, he is extremely capable at utilising his kagune. He possesses the ability to make it switch forms and wields it with a great amount of grace. He is a capable Koukaku user to the point where he can mentor and teach other younger Koukakus, despite that some of them have considerable talent on their own.




Type: Koukaku

Appearance: Black, with a red trim. The material looks like a matte metal.





make hunter do this he's just basically in the fucking zanzibar threads

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CCG Newcomers Arc The new wave of initiates are given their final test before entering the CCG proper. Kosei managed to avoid the physical exertion.
Cargo defence assignment breifing Arc A portion of the CCG are briefed on an upcoming mission to protect a shipment of Quinque steel and Q-bullets.


Name Details
Kichirou Kurosawa The connection between The Broker and his son is quite complex - on one hand, The Broker shows great concern for Kichirou when he finds out that his son had been kidnapped and turned into a half-ghoul. At Kichirou's "funeral" he was also shown quite upset and even angry at Kichirou's comrades for allowing his son to die. Later on though, Kichirou is shown to despise his father for unknown reasons. It is suggested that their relationship is not very good.
Haruna Suzuki
Jack Conklin


  • "You mother and I don't love you." - The broker, to Kichirou.



  • Loves detective shows, especially old ones.
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