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The Colorless (or The Colorless Ones) are a group of ghouls with the intention of improving Tokyo and creating a somewhat peaceful city in a manner akin to Vigilantism, eliminating existing and potential Kakujas, and any other Ghouls or Humans who pray on the helpless or otherwise kill needlessly. Starting out as a small task force, Colorless has since grown in size and now controls their home ward, the 14th

Unlike other factions they allow or downright encourage their members to hail from other groups (Obviously, with the exception being any violent group like Aogiri, and The CCG) and don't ask their members to give up their loyalty, only that they lend their assistance when needed. They have similar goals of peace as :Re, but take a much more active role in achieving that peace.

Location Edit

The Colorless hideout is situated within a Dojo in the 14th ward owned by Junko Kobayashi. Operating under the guise of a self-defense training facility, Colorless keeps their headquarters in the series of sheds, buildings, and garden that's on the same plot as the Dojo.

Structure Edit

The Colorless currently have no ranking system. The two leaders, Akane Hayashi and Abdullah Yousef run the majority of the affairs and plan all of the operations. Akane does all of the general management, supplies, recruitment, and brought it to life. Abdullah is in charge of all the intel and information the group needs, scouting possible targets, and acts as a strategist for the more advanced operations. Tadashi thought of the original concept, but Akane was the one who made it a reality.

Every member of The Colorless is given the opportunity to help in any way they can, and every idea put forward by a group member is considered equally. Any member may suggest a plan of action or a target. The Colorless' morality most accurately could be described as the end will justify the means, but our goal doesn't mean we can use the same means as out enemies. They aim to create peace through the elimination of any and all who would prey on innocent people, ghoul or human, but they are no white knights. They rely upon :Re for their food supply.

Members of The Colorless don't have a uniform, instead they identify each other with a white cloth with their insignia on it, and wrap it around part of their body to identify each other (for example a headband, a bow, or an armband).

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