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Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Wikia

Tojo is a fresh recruit to Aogiri.

Name Tojo
User /u/Paegen
Alias Paramour
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 168cm/5'6"
Weight 62kg/137lbs
Affiliations Aogiri
Ward 11th
Rating B+
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Small in build and stature. Long, disordered brown hair which is brushed out of his eyes but otherwise unstyled.

His eyes seem closed in all but the most shocking situations. Despite his compact size, he always attempts to fill out the maximum amount of space possible.

Typically wears expensive, gaudy clothing. His mask is a standard white mask with two lines for eyes and exaggerated lips performing a kiss.


Tojo's most notable feature is his desire for possessions and excess. His goal in life is to live with all of his desires fulfilled, no matter how small or petty they are. He sees Aogiri as a way to make this happen for him.

Tojo does not dislike humans, however, if killing a human results in gain for Tojo, he will do it unhesitatingly.


One might discern from his actions that Tojo may have had an underprivileged childhood, where he lacked possessions and comfort.

Powers and Abilities[]

Though he would be loathe to admit it, Tojo is a weak fighter. He lacks speed, strength, durability and even his regeneration is poor. However, he acknowledges his faults and compensates for them with his Kagune.


Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: Two long, yet nondescript purple tentacles. They taper to point.

Strengths: Both tentacles are fast, accurate and sharp they have a quite a large amount of reach, and can wrap around things.

Weaknesses: The tentacles, due to their size, regenerate slowly. In addition, the tip of the tentacles are especially brittle, a price payed for the sharp point. As a result, a solid hit landed on the tip of the tentacle can remove a good deal of Tojo's capability for a considerable length of time.

Mechanics: The tentacles can wrap around each other to form a strengthened tentacle that is held above Tojo's head. In this form, the tentacle is far less maneuverable and accurate. It is typically used much like a scorpion's tail.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Eye for an Eye-

22nd Ward Lab Raid

ARC Tojo ruins everything by kidnapping Doctor Satoshi.
Shibito Public RP Tojo introduces himself to Shibito, is general a creepy dude.
Uncertain Principles Public RP Tojo attempts to get in the new Aogiri Doctor's good books.
Surveying the 20th Ward Private RP Tojo sells the location of the 22nd Ward Lab to the inquisitors.


Name Details
Money Loves it.


  • Tojo is bizarrely popular with the rank and file of Aogiri.
  • He has been noted to have a very trustworthy smile.