Tomoyuki Otsuji



Name Tomoyuki Otsuji
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Affiliations CCG
Matsushita Squad (vice-captain)
Ward 13th Ward
Quinque Small Fry
Street Walker
Rank First Class Investigator
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Tomoyuki Otsuji is a Ghoul Investigator of the CCG and a scion of the Otsuji family, a renowned line of Ghoul Investigators.

Appearance Edit

Tall and lean, Tomoyuki's short hair is dyed blond and combed, long faced and with high cheekbones he has an almost aristocratic bearing. While off duty he tends to wear expensive clothing.

Personality Edit

Polite and committed to the job, Tomoyuki does harbour a little resentment about being rail roaded into his career. Feels no sympathy towards ghoul. Incredibly loyal it would be rare day that he disobeys orders or fails to follow the Ghoul Countermeasure Act to the letter. Has a small inferiority complex towards other members of his family. Is rather vain and slightly narcissistic. Tomoyuki can often be hot headed.

Raised to see ghoul hunting as a duty of the family, a calling he was destined for he can be somewhat abrasive towards those he feels are not good enough or fail to be sufficiently dedicated to the cause.

Background Edit

Due to his family Tomoyuki was strongly encouraged to join the CCG and so attended the Junior Academy and enrolled in the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy soon after graduation.

Powers and Abilities Edit

While physically fit and athletic he lacks the brute physical strength of some of his comrades and the overwhelming speed others have and so must rely on the training and techniques taught to him both at the Academy and in personal training with his family.

Tutoring from youth with the aim of becoming an Investigator has left him with a keen tactical mind.

Quinque Edit

Small Fry Edit

Type: Koukaku

Appearance:  A tall thick shield (Similar to the Kuroiwa Special) with a ridge resembling a blade down the centre.

Strengths: Strong and sturdy it can take a hit and give a strong one back.

Weaknesses: While not so heavy that it can't be moved with speed it doesn't leave the wielder with much agility.

Gypsy Edit

Type: Rinkaku

Appearance: A long, thick blade similar to Hirako's sword.

Strengths: A strong attack and it's kagune type makes it relatively light and as such is able to be moved nimbly and with speed.

Weaknesses: Not a strong defensive weapon it will break under a continued assault and so is not best used for blocking.

Street Walker Edit


Relationships Edit

Name Details
Kouta Matsushita Grudging and barely earned respect is how Tomoyuki would describe his feelings towards his commander, provide he has asked to say only positive things. Otherwise he would describe him as a man promoted beyond his abilities who's only sole achievement thus far has been to recognise that Tomoyuki is meant for greater things that him.
Kosuke Ichijouji The enemy of my enemy is my friend and sometimes loud mouthed, uncouth, rank unprofessionalism can be ignored but not forgiven when it is the lesser to two evils (and has never tried to assault you)
Okubo Sawamura Someone once said you can judge the greatness of a man by the adversity he endures and remains unchanged. If that is the case then living with the constant knowledge that Okubo Sawamura stands behind him with a loaded shotgun has truly made Tomoyuki the greatest of men.
Nakano Otsuji Spends too much time playing chess and reading not enough time training and killing. Tomoyuki feels she lacks his personable and friendly side to boot.

Development Edit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Eye for an Eye Arc Sign Up CCG ARC sign up Attends the briefing and is dragged into a brief altercation with Okubo Sawamura
Eye for an Eye 11th Ward Aogiri Raid ARC Comes across Jack Conklin, loses handily but survives and manages to lightly wounds the ghoul.
Eye for an Eye CCG Conclusion ARC Wrap Up Interacts with the members of his new squad and is harassed by Kayami Mizushina
Candlelight - A stoppable force meets a movable object Arc Matsushita Squad engage in combat with Asa Yakou at the 12th Ward Branch Office.
Starfall - Duality Arc Tomoyuki makes his epic entrance to Anteiku Raid.
A Lonely Legacy One Shot Tomoyuki refines a CCG report, views his family member's status on the CCG network and calls his brother to check up on him.
Taking Up the Mantle Private RP While on patrol Tomoyuki comes across Waotata Okate and kills him.
Hospitable Hospitals Private RP Tomoyuki interacts with Kouta Matsushita and Kristof Brandt

Trivia Edit

  • Doesn't like his team-mates overly much
  • Doesn't like ghouls overly much
  • Likes his team-mates over ghouls, idiots can be house trained after all, savage beasts cannot
  • Is driven on by the knowledge, not the belief that he is better than everyone who he talks to that is not a member of his family.
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