Torabashi Kotetsu is a Special Class Investigator employed in the CCG that's currently living in the 4th Ward. He is one of the two leaders of Kotsuzan Squad.

Torabashi Kotetsu
Name Torabashi Kotetsu
User /u/KakujaKun
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 44
Gender Male
Height 1.76 m
Weight 81 kg
Blood Type Cold
Affiliations CCG
Kotsuzan Squad
Ward 4th Ward
Quinque Ame (雨) (formerly)
Division Division IV (Leader)
Rank Special Class
Honors White Dragon Wing Award
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Kotetsu is 1.76 m tall and weighs 81 kilos. He has an athletic frame and a fit, above average build. He has extremely dark eyes, almost black in colour with a slight tint of very deep, dark purple. Similarly, his hair is pitch black with an almost unnoticable, very dark purple tint. His face has strong, sharp features. He always looks grim and serious, never ever cracking a smile. The man is clad in his CCG uniform at all times.


Kotetsu is extremely cold, harsh and ruthless. The man is a strategist and a leader in his core. He values discipline and hardwork above all else and will not tolerate any sort of half-assery even from the most skilled, professional and powerful colleagues of his, always demanding 100%. He is also very rude towards those he deems to be unfit and worthless. It is revealed that the clash between them man's belief in meritocracy and the nepotist reality of the CCG's upper echelons is what caused him to gradually undergo the transition from stoic to cynical.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Attributes Edit

  • Master Strategist: Being not only talented but also highly experienced, the Special Class is an extraordinary tactician and strategist, capable of turning around battles and managing organisations largely effortlessly. He's a great planner, both short and long term, and has proven himself as a reliable officer, even if his methods may make him unlikable in the eyes of many of his underlings.
  • Weapons Expert: Having a knack for weapons, Torabashi is the absolute Quinque expert. Skilled in their use, the man has his own collection of Quinques precisely because he values them so much. Kotetsu can make the best out of any weapon that he touches.
  • High-Speed Combatant: Despite his age, the senior investigator is a shockingly fast opponent, his reflexes and physical ability having only grown sharper throughout his many years of service. Having amassed a lot of experience, Torabashi is highly adept at high-speed combat.



Name: Vortex

Rating: S

Type: Koukaku

Status: In Service

Appearance: The main body of the Quinque consists in two long, dark-brown tentacles with a rough texture sprouting directly from a circular base located right past handle of the briefcase they're stored in. They usually are about 1.5 - 2 meters in length, although they can extend and retract to different sizes. When intertwined, the tentacles occupy much less space due to the high force they are applying when pulling each other.

Strengths: Unknown.

Weaknesses: Unknown.

Mechanics: Unknown.


Name: Ame (雨) - Rain

Rating: A

Type: Bikaku

Status: Lent to Nakano Otsuji

Appearance: The Quinque is a generic lance in its normal form. In its form change, the iron guard expands and moves forward, akin to an opening umbrella, turning into a shield. The lance form itself also has a sharp, shallow blade running down its lower side.

Strengths: A good stabbing weapon with some slashing potential as well as good defensive properties as a shield, Ame is Bikaku incarnate. Providing good capabilities in all categories but excellent in none, it's a very general Quinque. It's good at blocking, it's versatile and it can be used to damage opponents.

Weaknesses: The Quinque is somewhat heavy, which makes Kotetsu's movements slower than they'd normally be. It's also not really that great at any of its functions - stabbing with a heavy weapon against fast opponents is not desirable, due to the shallow blade the weapon can more scrape than cut (unless it can hit a limb in which case it can lop it off to cause significant damage). The shield can also be broken by strong and persistent attacks.

Mechanics: Upon clicking a button on the handle, the lance transforms into its second form, turning into a shield. Clicking the button makes it fold into a lance again. Repeat ad infinitum.


Name Details
Kouta Matsushita Torabashi seems impressed with Kouta's ability and recent track record. He states that he had honestly never expected any of Nakamori's underlings to make it far, expressing his respect for a man who had not only managed to become a First Class and a squad leader, but had also managed to control his squad properly, despite individuals such as Okubo Sawamura and Kosuke Ichijouji obviously being a pain to lead. He is also intrigued in Kouta's S rated Quinque, Colosseum, and commends the man for his ability in fighting off an S rated ghoul as well as attempting to fight an SSS rated behemoth-class Kakuja at the 12th Ward Branch Office attack.
Tomoyuki Otsuji Torabashi seems to give Otsuji his respect, not for his nobility, but for his successful track record. He states he believes in the man's competency, granted that he's already dispatched a multitude of ghouls as well as having fought one of Aogiri's leaders, Smiles, as an Initiate, and having survived.
Izumi Okazaki Being the tradionalist that he is, Torabashi respects Izumi for his polite behaviour and for his ability, given that the man has distinguished himself in rank, skill and intellect. Torabashi used to list Izumi as one of the subordinates that he hoped he could come to rely on, making his faith in the man apparent. That faith appears to be vindicated as Izumi quickly ascends the ranks and becomes the closest thing Torabashi has to a right-hand man.
Shino Kotsuzan Torabashi seems to have an uneasy relationship with Kotsuzan, but respects the man's rank and skill, despite essentially being his superior due to his status in the 4th Ward. Torabashi has openly stated that he's glad Kotsuzan is there to work with the newbies, because Kotetsu himself would not want to bother with the task.
Nakano Otsuji Kotetsu expresses dislike for Nakano's staggering overconfidence and seems to not appreciate her overly high belief in her own importance. He dismisses her as a useless newbie, although he still seems to be aware of her intellectual prowess. Of course, to Torabashi, intellect is nothing if you're just a baby bird waiting to spread its wings, so he's not hasty in giving her praise. He does, however, take her to be his personal secretary and allows her to work with more important paperwork. As time passed, eventually the Special Class investigator found enough confidence in her to spare so that he managed to even lend her one of his older Quinques.
Ryo Izanagi Torabashi seems to take pride in Ryo's skill in picking out his questions carefully during the Cochlea interrogation of Smiles and although he is not hasty in making a judgement about Ryo's true value, he does seem to think that Ryo's intellect and lack of boasting is worthy of somewhat respectable.
Akane Hotaru As shown in their interaction in the hospital, the then-Associate Special Class is shows extreme levels of hostility towards Akane, treating her like trash and saying that it would be better if she died in her fight against the No-Eyed Queen at the 12th Ward Branch battle than having an SS rate Quinque destroyed. He also repeatedly mocks the now-crippled investigator, taking shots at her and insulting her abilities with what could only be assumed to be a sense of delight.
Marune Nakamori Torabashi seems to have an equally horrible opinion of Marune as he does of Akane, listing her as one of the most useless senior investigators he's seen in his life and likening her ability to that of the now crippled Akane.
Ren Kawaguchi Additionally, the man also makes a mental note of Ren in his talk with Akane, thinking of how despite being absolutely worthless as a leader, at least Kawaguchi had managed to be of some use on the field of battle. Something that, according to Torabashi, definitely could not be said for Akane and Marune.
Okubo Sawamura Torabashi seems to view Okubo highly negatively, going as far as stating that if he has to listen to more of Okubo's disrespectful, mind-numbing blabber he'd actually shoot him. He also seems to view Okubo (as well as Kosuke) as individuals of extremely low skill that actually drag Kouta Matsushita and Tomoyuki Otsuji down, akin to anchors that prevent the squad from reaching its true potential.
Natalia Hana The then-Associate Special Class (now Special Class) remains rather unimpressed for the duration of his first conversation with Natalia and goes as far as stating his clear belief that she's a failure as an investigator. As the woman delivers her apology for overstepping her boundaries, Torabashi concludes that perhaps she could one day become semi-professional at the work place.

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Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Candlelight - CCG Wrap-up Arc Meeting Special Class Akane Hotaru, Torabashi states his extreme dislike for his fellow senior investigator. He also attempts to question Akane for any clues on the No-Eyed Queen, achieving mixed results. The man then promptly departs the room upon declaring that Akane is of no more use to him and heads for First Class Kouta Matsushita's room. Meeting him and Tomoyuki Otsuji, Torabashi expresses his hopes for the two men to be subordinates that he can actually count on, providing them with some praise for their recent achievements.
Wild, Wild East - Matsushita Squad Build-Up Arc The Associate Special Class meets up with Matsushita squad and delivers a briefing regarding a newly discovered ghoul threat, as well as Anteiku being a possible den of ghouls. The man discusses the abilities of the ghoul that Matsushita and his team encountered at the 12th Ward Branch Office attack with them. They then proceed to assign Asa Yakou her ghoul alias, Optio, as well as her threat rating of S~.
Wild, Wild East - Kotsuzan Squad Build-Up Arc At a Kotsuzan Squad meeting, Torabashi and Shino discuss various different theories with their juniors, either dismissing or reaffirming the thoughts of their subordinates. Torabashi himself grows especially impressed with Izumi Okazaki's respectful, professional demeanour, as well as his intellectual abilities when the man presents his theory about the No-Eyed Queen not being a part of Aogiri - a theory that Torabashi believes to be the truth and hence writes as the currently assumed information in the reports.
Wild, Wild East - 12th Ward Branch Office investigation Arc Torabashi assists multiple of his juniors in their efforts to investigate the site of the Aogiri attack. Coming up with different kinds of new information, the squad has now successfully investigated into the long-range attacking team that Aogiri used in order to make their entrance, as well as their attack over the server room and the library room.
Wild, Wild East - Cochlea interrogation Arc Kotetsu, Izumi Okazaki and Ryo Izanagi go together to interrogate ex-Aogiri leader Smiles in a bid to extract more intel that could help them analyse the 12th Ward Branch Office attack better, especially by complementing the information they gain with their findings from their investigation. The group learn more about Aogiri's leadership and structure as they question Jack.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward investigation meeting - Investigator Units Arc In order to make the management structure of his squad more efficient, Torabashi separates his squad into three different units and assigns captains to each one.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward investigation meeting - Extermination targets Arc Torabashi assigns extermination targets to the new units, as well as offering them some general assistance.
Wild, Wild East - Aogiri Tree/12th Ward investigation meeting - Aogiri Tree discussion Arc The Associate Special Class discusses Aogiri Tree and their structure with his squad.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward investigation (Day 0) Arc Kotetsu leads a final meeting before offensive operations against the Aogiri of the 22nd Ward commence.
Wild, Wild East - 22nd Ward Investigation (Day 3) Arc The senior investigator encounters the second-in-command of Aogiri Tree, Soundwave and the two engage in combat. Torabashi emerges as the victor, although the knowledge he gains from the ghoul opponent causes him to wonder about the true power of Aogiri Tree.
Wild, Wild East - CCG Wrap-up Arc Torabashi congratulates Izumi for his promotion to Associate Special Class and also gives him some advice to watch his back when it comes to envious colleagues. Additionally, he rather bluntly tells Sayuri Kawaguchi that her father is a dead traitor.
Starfall - Duality Arc The Associate Special Class participates in Anteiku raid and the extermination of Gemini.
Platinum - Apex Arc Leading the assault on the Rose Club, as the head of Division 4 Torabashi is the commanding officer of the operation.
Monochrome - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Torabashi meets one of his subordinates at the CCG hospital.
Spotlight - CCG Intro Arc Intro Kotetsu arrives on scene at the site of the Aogiri assault.
Spotlight - Worldstage Arc The Special Class leads the attack on the Aogiri forces entrenched at TV Tower Sumida.
Spotlight - CCG Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Torabashi attends the CCG press conference following the TV Tower attack.
Interlude - TV Tower Investigation Arc Organising himself a team of investigators, the investigator conducts a probe into the TV Tower attack.
Interlude - Rose Club Investigation Arc Seeking to unravel the secrets of the Rose Club, the Special Class heads another investigation into the shady establishment.
Ascension - King Arc Calling the shots on the CCG side, Torabashi organises the response to the Aogiri attack on Shibuya.
The last night at Yuureien - Part 2 One-shot Torabashi participates in the Yuureien raid.
The spoils of war One-shot The Associate Special Class meets the Chief Quinque Researcher and both of them discuss Shidu and her usefulness to Quinque development.
Lift One-shot A glimpse at Torabashi's past reveals why he's so cynical and bitter about the state of the CCG.
Progress Social Torabashi has a run in with the Quinx Squad leader. A brief exchange is more than enough for the senior investigator to conclude that Natalia is incompetent.
Dissent in the ranks Private RP First Class Kouta Matsushita arrives uninvited to Torabashi's office in order to complain about the Quinx procedure and how the Quinx are essentially the same as ghouls, erasing the moral lines that allow investigators to do their jobs. Kotetsu promptly agrees, sharing Matsushita's dislike for the Quinx, although for other reasons.
Widrigkeit Private RP Appointed to preside over the jury passing judgement over the case of former Rank 2 Investigator Kristof Brandt, Torabashi attends the trial of the rogue junior investigator in court martial.



  • Interestingly enough, Torabashi finds the task of dealing with paperwork to be something not in any way irritating - the closest something can come to being his hobby. A believer in structure, he derives a sense of satisfaction from working with documentation.
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