Ursa is a small, tightly-knit self-serving ghoul group that is currently inhabiting the 19th Ward.


Purpose and goalsEdit

Being a territorial group, they protect the 19th Ward and all of their operations within it. Since they’re mostly neutral leaning towards the benevolent side, they don’t really cause any problems for the local ghouls. On the contrary, they tend to hunt down troublemakers. That includes gang members, Aogiri Tree soldiers, any hostile ghouls or sometimes even CCG investigators. The group itself is designed to serve the interests of its members, so its goals generally tend to shift according to the people within it.


Ursa have less so a base and more so a meeting place in the form of a spacious room within a cheap, decrepit hotel in the core of the 19th Ward, reserved just for them. Given that the ghoul owner is particularly fond of the group, the room is unconditionally available to them, without the need to pay or worry about someone else renting it. Ryuu Kageyama’s own living quarters are located close by, in a smaller room within the same hotel.


Given that Ursa is a smaller group, there’s no need for an extensively large chain of command. Its structure is simple, flexible and convenient.

Ryuu Kageyama - Founder and leader. Does most of the planning and commanding on the field.

Rei Hirata - A respected fighter, Rei is considered a reliable member of the organisation.

Eizō Arai - With his heightened senses and specific set of abilities, Eizō is entrusted to do a lot of the monitoring/scouting that needs to be done.

Hokori Shoruda - As a skilled member of Ursa, Hokori's opinion carries a good deal of weight.

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