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Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Wikia
Vincent Nodami
Name Vincent Nodami
User /u/Zach565
Alias Black Lotus
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 200lbs
Affiliations Anteiku
Ward 20
Rc Type Ukaku
Rating B
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Vincent is a dashing young man that usually holds himself at 6'0, and towers over many Japanese citizens, not all though. Upon first seeing Vincent one might note fact that his physique is not of a lacked man, as he is quite built, despite this he does not choose to flaunt himself around, and even his facial appearance shows someone in constant lack, which would be nearly considered contrary to the fact that the man would prefer to nap, and be lazy.

During Eye for An Eye, Vincent bored facade broke momentarily. Showing someone who was much darker than the male generally allowed be seen.

During winter times in he can be seen in a general short white short possibly sleeved, and a long trench, along with standard black pants and combat boots. He wears this to keep himself warm obviously, but it also helps to hide body movements.


"We all have a social mask, right?
We put it on, we go out, put our
best foot forward, our best image.
But behind that social mask is a personal truth,
what we really, really believe
about who we are and what we're capable of." - Phil McGraw

A man who wears a mask publicly, and keeps mainly to himself unless he feels he should really otherwise do something, which is quite infrequent. He attempts to try not to allow himself to so easily rely others, but it conflicts with his ideology of a peaceful world, and attempting to have ghouls and humans rely on each other, so he at times finds himself in a internal debate from two points. Vincent knows the cruelty of the world, and his words generally show that of someone who understands torment and the necessity of instinct to survive.

While he is sincerely kind and compassionate to those in need, he does not give himself that same degree of compassion or understanding. He believes highly in the idea that sometimes people need to sacrifice things, even themselves if it is to better the world as a whole, but to not so easily give up on themselves.

Over time though it has been hinted that Vincent may have a humorous side, as well as being someone who enjoys teasing others for the sake of a little amusement. This might show a level of personality that is slowly pushing through, or perhaps it could be a facade to allow others to see him as more human, to keep up his secrets.

During the Eye for An Eye Arc, as Vincent caught the scent of his sister he held a more heavier presence, as someone who is bent upon causing utter havoc for the sake of destroying something that he thought didn't deserve this, thankfully, he quickly caught himself during a fight, pushing up a nonchalant attitude through the insanity, and remained true to the mission, but it has been seen that he can go into these moments of insanity at any given time if pushed.



Powers and Abilities[]

Strengths:Stuff that you don't need to know.
Weaknesses: Were you expecting something here too?


Type: Ukaku

Appearance: Vincent holds two black wings that sprout from his black, this obviously gives his appearance as a Ukaku.

Strengths: WNBA

Weaknesses: WNBA

Mechanics: TBA


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Bound by Law Private RP Vincent was hunting for something to eat, and happen to see a woman take her own life, after she took her life, he began to see her as dinner, and thus attracted law-enforcement and the CCG. A Rank 1 Investigator Kosei Waller, happened to be on the scene and decided to treat Vincent as a enemy.
Vincent's Interview Oneshot Vincent decided to join the forces of Anteiku, in order to be apart of the peace, as well as see Anteiku as a information hub for the possibility of find his sister.
A Black Past Oneshot Vincent has a nightmare about the past, and the selfish reason his mother gave him to continue to live.
The Black Lotus Blossoms Oneshot Vincent goes under a series of depression, pushing his emotions that he once that to be nearly nonexistent to the surface. Breaking apart the ghoul, undergoes into a breakdown, before suffering from a memory that helps him decide what he wants to be for his future.
Open for Business Public RP Vincent is in Anteiku serving the customers, until the end of his shift, and he decides he should try to meet some of his co-workers.
Second Anteiku Public RP Vincent meets Xeno, and the two discuss mild things. (Incomplete)
Scavengers in the Night Public Rp Vincent meets Evan after the latter stumbles upon a corpse Vincent was deconstructing, after awhile the two share a word, and a heated conversation begins.


Name Details
Katherine Nodami Vincent's younger sister, who he feared may have been killed, but still tries to hunt around to find information of her. Later, he learns she works with Aogiri, and this made her be seen as a enemy of his own personal faction during the Anteiku raid to save some half-ghouls.

The two fought, and Vincent expressed a level of mercy that he sometimes questions, if it was the right decision.

Nikki Futago Vincent's Boss, and someone Vincent is quite curious of. During the Open for Business, Vincent and Nikki sparred in order to help Vincent improve in combat. Besides this interaction, Vincent keeps the SSS ghoul in check when it comes to Nikki's insatiable taste for women.

Upon the The Beginning and The End, Vincent had given the older male some advice, how this was taken is entirely unknown, as he believed the other should have some space still to help himself.

Sango Kisaragi Quite a bit can be said about this as Vincent has found the woman to be quite a bit more interesting then others, and a bit more reliable. When they first met they were both working in Anteiku, and after a relatively deep discussion, a bit of interest was seen in both parties, despite their awkward behavior.