Vittorio Marchetti (or just Vito) is an Italian-American Bureau Investigator employed by the CCG. Coming from Boston, Massachusetts he is seeking to turn his life around, from what was once a life of a crime to a more helpful, admirable one.

Vito Marchetti
Name Vito Marchetti
User /u/ManusDidNothingWrong
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Affiliations CCG
Ward 18th
Rank Bureau Investigator (Rank 2)
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At first glance Vito has a somewhat androgynous appearance, a clearly foreign man with white skin and short wavy blonde hair. His narrow eyes are bright blue, giving him an appearance similar to a stereotypical anime foreigner.

During work he generally wears a plain black (or sometimes dark green) suit and tie, with black suspenders underneath the jacket. At home he prefers to wear normal clothing like jackets and plain shirts, and sometimes reading glasses.

He constantly wears gloves, never removing the one covering his right hand.


At first glance, most people see Vito as a fox. A cunning, shady young man who looks like he's just waiting for a chance to rob them. On the contrary, these days Vito is the polar opposite.

While once Vito was a petty, greedy thief who only wanted to steal from the poor and give to himself, drinking and gambling to pay his bills out of pure laziness to get a job, one day something caused him to change completely.

Now Vito is a kinder, empathetic, and more positive man with a fully optimistic outlook on life. He consistently avoids promotions and any offers to become a Ghoul Investigator out of concern that he'll end up relapsing into how he previously acted if given too much power. Because of this he chooses to remain at a middle class wealth, doing his best to simply live a quiet life alone with his dog, in a completely average home. Even so, he can't help but sometimes feel a little bit of his greedy nature come forward.


At this time nothing has been revealed about Vito's past, other than having previously been a criminal who wanted to turn his life around.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vito is extremely agile as a result of his daily exercise, and has very good stamina which he’s built up over years of running from the police, and more recently from his daily running routine.

On the downside, Vito isn’t especially physically strong, and his endurance is low. His left hand is a bit sensitive, and still hurts when pressed on. He has bad allergies in the spring season.


Vito currently does not posses a quinque. He uses a gun supplied by the CCG, with q-bullets.


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Spotlight - Worldstage Arc In his first appearance Vito works together with a group of Bureau Investigators, providing fire to suppress the entrance to the building and block off Aogiri's escape rotue.
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Donovan Briggs A fellow Bureau Investigator, who seems to get along well with Vito.




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