Xeno Akizaki




Name Xeno Akizaki
User /u/OneEyedTurkey (Banned User)
Alias The Corpse Thief(as 18th ward leader)

Smoke(as Aogiri member)

Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 18
19[After "Lack of Food" Oneshot]
Gender Male
Birthday [Birthday]
Height 5'7"
Affiliations Anteiku (Past)
We've Gone Rogue (Past)
Aogiri Tree(Currently)
Ward 18th Ward
Rating A- (True rating)
B (according to CCG knowledge)
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Xeno Akizaki(Pronounced Sheno) is a blind ghoul that lives in the 18th Ward. His parents were killed during the hunt for food, leaving him alone. When he released his kagune for the first time, he finally gained sight in his right eye. His right eye contains a kakugan while his left eye doesn't. He is currently training under the tutelage of Nikki Futago.

Appearance Edit

Xeno has black hair that touches his forehead but combed to the left. His eyes are white and pupil-less like a blind person. However, his right eye is a grey-white. This is because, when Xeno activated his kagune for the first time, only his Kakugan is activated in his right eye and, thus, granting Xeno sight. It is unknown why his left eye was not affected the same way and does not have a kakugan

Due to being poor, his clothing are worn-out and have some holes in them. Xeno tries to cover them up so people won't know his living condition.

His Corpse Thief mask disguise is bandages wrapped around his limbs and covering his head partially[see the picture]. The bandages cover his left eye, some of his hair, and his mouth.

After joining Aogiri, he has a new disguise "Smoke". He wears black gloves and black jeans. A light red hoodie. Bandages on his forearms. A gas mask with red glasses. The left eye glass is cracked. Similar to this picture but right glass isnt missing and the left one is cracked. If he is doing Aogiri missions, he will wear the Aogiri cloak.

After starting his own restaurant, his clothes are now newer. When he is inside the restaurant as the manager, he wears a black dress shirt with white vertical lines and black dress pants. A loose red tie around his neck. A black brazier to finish the final touch. Xeno adjusted his belt with his right hand. A black ring was on his right ring finger.

Personality Edit

Xeno is very cautious person to strangers. He would pretend he is a fully blind person in order to protect the fact he can see. He does not trust anyone because he does not know them. The reason is revealed that he was raped by a random unknown stranger when he was a kid and still blind. His parents were not there because they were out getting food.

Xeno is like an innocent child to the world due to being blind and protectedly constantly throughout his life. When he received his sight, he was in awestruck on how beautiful the world is. However, he is still ignorant about the world and strives to overcome his ignorance.

Also, he strives to be independent. He was constantly protected by his parents because they fear his blindness would hurt him. He, even, stubbornly asked Nikki Fugato to train him so he can live on with his own strength.

Despite striving to be independent, Xeno considers himself to be a burden to others. He feels that if he asks someone for a favor, he is placing a burden on them. He feels this way more for his parents because they constantly give up their own happiness for his. The feeling is strong that he wishes that he was dead and tries to commit suicide every few nights. Another reason why Xeno is suicidal is he blames himself for the death of his parents because he heard the footsteps of Hachi Kamikaze, the Investigator that killed his parents, but ignored it, thinking it is something else. The left profile picture, the one that is covered in bandages, is Suicidal Xeno.

However, despite being suicidal, another side of Xeno(Picture on the right) is telling him to live on for his parents' sake to thank them for everything they had done. This is the reason why Xeno is striving to be independent.

After being kidnapped by the Inquisitors and Nikki, his manager and sensei, refused to kill his captor, Xeno quit Anteiku and joined Aogiri to seek out revenge against the CCG for the death of his parents who never killed a human before. Xeno created the Smoke disguise whenever he is doing Aogiri missions. He is now colder, more distant from others, and show an emotionless personality. The emotionless personality is a facade to protect himself from being hurt or harmed by others. He may appear to be friendly, but he is doing it for selfish reasons and exploit the person he is interacting with for his own benefits.

History Edit

Xeno was born blind and born into his poor lifestyle. His parents are always looking out for him and never leaving his side because of his inability to see. However, when his parents went for their monthly food hunting, a stranger appeared and raped Xeno as a child. As a result, Xeno received scars around his groin area and Xeno is always scared of new strangers The memories of that horrible incident is forever ingrained in his mind.

When he was 18 years old, he helped his parents dig up graves to get food for themselves. First Class Investigator Hachi Kamikaze, senior partner of Dan Hohen, killed his parents in front of him. As Hachi tried to kill Xeno, Xeno released his kagune for the first time and killed him. Xeno was now able to see in his right eye and only his Kakugan is activated in that eye. Xeno buried his parents in the same graveyard and ate Hachi's body. He left the scene quickly with Hachi's possessions such as his quinque, ID and Investigator clothing. He now lives in his cave alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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This is in chronological order.

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Can See the World Now, but Not Them Oneshot Xeno and his parents were out trying to get food and unexpected Investigator appeared to try to stop them.
Anteiku Interaction Xeno visited Anteiku to seek help. He asked the manager Nikki Futago to help him train.
First Day of Training Oneshot First day of training for Xeno taught by Nikki
New Life Oneshot Xeno got his first job and adjusting his new lifestyle in order to become independent.
The Gemini and The Blind Oneshot After a few weeks of training, Xeno showed his results to Nikki
Living For Their Sake Oneshot Xeno fell into despair on the death of his parents and gained a resolve to live on for their sake.
Being a Burden Oneshot Xeno felt like he is a burden to everyone and tried to commit suicide.
(Anteiku) Late Night Meal Interaction Xeno met Sierra Gray for the first time and had an issue he would like to speak Nikki with.
Midday Sparring Interaction Xeno met Veli Batsu for the first time and asked her to help him train.
Interview Oneshot Xeno is having an interview with Nikki so he can work in Anteiku.
New Employees Interaction New employees of Anteiku are introduced and they started to interact with the customers.
Those damn workplace assignments Interaction Xeno met Maki for the first time and asked him to help him train with a sword
The Blind and the Tree Oneshot Maki trained Xeno how to use a weapon. Xeno learned the existence of Aogiri Tree
Blind <As an Owl> Oneshot Xeno met Hiro for the first time and learned the existence of We've Gone Rogue. Hiro gave Xeno a VIP status and his first assignment in We've Gone Rogue.
An Assignment Oneshot Xeno is on his first assignment for We've Gone Rogue.
Corpse Collector Arc Anteiku's food supply is going low and Anteiku gang investigate what is the cause of all of this.
Lack of Food Oneshot After the Corpse Collector Arc, Xeno was in need of food to replenish his energy. However, his usual food supply was cut off too and sought a new food supply.
Shaking Belief Oneshot Xeno met the No-Eyed King, leader of Aogiri. He asked her questions about her motivation for Aogiri Tree.
Taking A Break Interaction Xeno was on a break and chatted with Hana Takahira
Festive Feeling Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Interaction Xeno was feeling gloomy despite the festive atmosphere. However, there are a lot of surprises for him that day.
Snowball Fight and Ice Skiing Interaction Xeno had a snowball fight with Kota.
Paying Respects Interaction Xeno and Veli are on a mission to kick Investigators out of graveyard so Xeno can see his parents.
Time Away from Anteiku Interaction Xeno is on his requested day-off from Anteiku. He met Ran for the first time and he was unaware that he is talking to the leader of the Inquisitors.
Lukewarm Coffee Interaction Xeno met Maki again and Xeno revealed what he thinks of Maki.
Conquering Fear Oneshot Xeno was on his day of training with Nikki. Xeno was still afraid of Nikki after what Nikki did in "Festive Feeling." Xeno requested Nikki to go all out to help Xeno conquer his fear of Nikki
Working Hard and Hardly Working Interaction Xeno decided to train with Veli and he unexpectedly met Maki over there. Veli decided for Xeno to go against Maki.
Wintertide Anteiku Arc Xeno is only one manning Anteiku. Unfortunately, he is about to be captured by the members of Inquisitors for a specific purpose.
Wintertide-Anteiku Conclusion Arc Wrap-Up Note: Xeno is not included.

Nikki and the rest of Anteiku gang saw what happened to the Anteiku building. They noticed Xeno is missing and tried to find out who did it.

The Unpleasant Reunion Interaction Note: Xeno is not included.

Nikki faced against Maki to find out where Xeno is.

[Wintertide I want...] Oneshot What is going on in Xeno's mind while being captured.
Snow Garden Interaction Xeno was captured somewhere in Yuureien and Ayano checked up on him.

Meanwhile, Hayato find clues on where Xeno is. Link

The Flabbergasted Gemini Interaction Note: Xeno is not included.

Hayato told Nikki that he found out where Xeno is.

Spelling Eternity Interaction Nikki arrived to save Xeno from the Inquisitors. He managed to save Xeno, but Ran would not let Nikki get away. The fight is Xeno and Nikki vs Ran.
Calm After the Storm Interaction Nikki and Xeno came back to Anteiku safely. Xeno questioned Nikki what happened after he was knocked out. As things get tensed up and found out Nikki missed his chance to kill Ran, Xeno decided to leave Anteiku.
Reading is Fun! Interaction Xeno met the One Eyed Cat for the first time.
Higher Rogue Council Interaction The Puppet[Xeno in disguise] tried to gather the remaining We've Gone Rogue members on what to do after Hiro's death.
New Leader Oneshot After leaving Anteiku, Xeno is now in charge of the 18th ward.
Second Phase Oneshot The second phase of Xeno's plan for the 18th ward begins.
Time to Move On Oneshot After the destruction of the Rogues, The Puppet is revealed to be Xeno and Xeno decided to join Aogiri.
Zanzibar Interaction Xeno heard rumors of The Broker. He decided to see the Broker himself.
An interval in plans Interaction Tadashi wanted to see Xeno because Tadashi, as a member of Colorless, need to see why Xeno is cannibalizing.
A new dawn 2 Interaction After Kota, Jack and Maki declared themselves as the leader of Aogiri, Xeno wanted to talk to them to make a deal concerning his ward.

In Part 2, Xeno met Kichirou again but this time, Kichirou is a Proto-Ghoul and his new name is Shibito. Xeno found out that it is possible to turn humans into ghouls is possible.

Coming of Age holiday Interaction Xeno met Velvet for the first time and he found out she killed Kana. Velvet managed to make Xeno obedient by reenacting his painful past memories.
Second Anteiku Interaction Xeno was on his usual nights in his temporary Second Anteiku to provide food for ghouls


Name Details
Nikki Futago Xeno met Nikki at Anteiku with the latter serving him coffee. Nikki was being to nice and careful with Xeno because he percieved him as blind man need of help. Xeno felt offended because he is reminded of his parents' constant care for him and didn't feel right for Nikki to take that position. After deciding to train Xeno, their relationship got closer and closer. After Nikki offered Xeno a job at Anteiku, he started to respect Nikki more by calling him "Nikki-sensei" and looking at Nikki as a father figure.

However, when Nikki showed Xeno the "demon inside Nikki" personality, Xeno became very scared of Nikki to the point that he threw up. As of a result, Xeno was terrified of Nikki and still is. But, he suggested to Nikki to show his "demon" side when they are training in "Conquering Fear." Xeno wanted to only picture Nikki like that during training and not in their daily life. After that, their relationship is still strained, but they are still friends.

Sierra Gray Initially, Sierra wanted to get to know Xeno and Xeno refused. However, Sierra managed to persuade Xeno to talk. They chatted for awhile and Sierra offered Xeno help to get some money. Xeno appreciated the offer and was on good terms with Sierra.

Their second meeting took a different turn. Xeno apologized to Sierra about deceiving her that he is blind. Sierra told Xeno to be honest and tell her all his secrets. Xeno refused, but, soon, they made a deal to reveal each other's secrets back-to-back. As revealing the secrets got more intense, Sierra revealed her true personality to Xeno and mistreated him with insults.

After the Corpse Collection Arc and as Anteiku gang were resting from retrieving the bodies, Xeno initially wanted to treat Sierra nice despite her mistreatment earlier, but he assumes everything Sierra is doing is just one of her "acts." Sierra revealed to him that she has bipolar disorder, but he does not believe her. Then, he questioned Sierra about her mission to get the corpses, and Sierra lied to him which made Xeno suspicious. Her lie makes Xeno's skepticism further. It is currently unknown what feeling does Xeno have for her.

Veli Batsu Nikki told Xeno to visit Veli's sparring building to help train Xeno. When Xeno met Veli, he pretended he was blind because he initially didn't trust her. However, the red-headed woman was very friendly to Xeno that she gave him a her specialty, Hug of Death, despite meeting Xeno the first time. When Xeno admitted to Veli that he deceived her, their relationship became somewhat restrained for a moment until it quickly dissolved that Xeno will be honest with her.

Xeno is very grateful and respectful to Veli because she bought him a phone when he couldn't afford one. As of a result, he shredded tears of happiness of meeting someone kind like Veli despite meeting her two times and he returned a gift of gratitude to her by buying weights for her sparring building.

Xeno started to treat Veli as a friend by showing concern when Veli was sad about Miruno's death. He cared about her as shown in "Paying Respects." He gave Veli a codename "Nee-san" when they are out in their bandage masks to hide their identity.

Tatsuhiro Owari Xeno met Hiro in the park. After chatting for awhile, Hiro offered Xeno to join We've Gone Rogue. Xeno was not so sure, but he wanted to get in contact with Hiro. As of a result, Hiro gave Xeno a VIP membership and an assignment to help Xeno become independent.

Xeno considered Hiro a wise and generous man. Despite Hiro knowing Xeno's personal life, Xeno trusted him and asked advice from him.

Kana Itsuhara Xeno met Kana one night to ask her questions regarding Aogiri. When he found out Kana is born with a disease, he pity her because he can relate due to Xeno being born with blindness. However, Kana ignores his pity. Xeno made a conclusion that Kana is the type that wants to get things done quickly and not deal with sentimental moment. When he learned that Kana wanted equal rights as humans, Xeno questioned himself when ghouls will get equal rights as humans.
Maki Itokawa Xeno met Maki during his work hours because he needed to someone to help him train with his sword skills. They offered a deal that Maki will train Xeno if Xeno lets Maki see his sword quinque. They seem friendly to each other most of the time. However, Xeno does not tolerate Maki's carefree behavior such as being late for their training session and sleeping on the floor in a store. He would use physical abuse when there is need to.

Xeno encountered Maki again in "Lukewarm Coffee." When he found out Maki was procrastinating his studies and got bored with it, Xeno criticized Maki that many people would have wanted to be in his place. It was revealed that Xeno is actually jealous of Maki's lifestyle where he can attain a lot of knowledge about the world while Xeno is stuck behind learning the basics. However, Xeno still sees Maki as a lazy bum, but is grateful to Maki for giving vital information to him.

Ran When Xeno met Ran the first time, he was unaware that Ran is the leader of the Inquisitors, the faction that was interfering Anteiku's food source in Corpse Collector Arc. Xeno question Ran about his unnaturally white hair and emotionless personality. When Ran noticed Xeno's terrible attempt on expressing his emotions, he gave advice to Xeno on how to control his emotions by controlling what he thinks. As of a result, Xeno is very grateful to Ran and considered him a kind person.

However, Xeno soon learned that Ran is the leader of the Inquisitors when he was captured by them. During his capture, Ran made sure Xeno is eating and drinking to survive as a hostage for Nikki. Xeno tried to talk to Ran, but, the so-called "kind" person, Xeno once thought before, ignored Xeno's attempt and didn't even concern for Xeno's wellbeing. As of a result, Xeno felt betrayed and deceived by Ran.

Hana Takahira Hana Takahira is Xeno's coworker at Anteiku. When they were on their break, they had a chat with each other. Hana tried to get to know Xeno more and Xeno tried to do the same. Xeno considers Hana a curious, but nice person.


Trivia Edit

  • Xeno is asexual due to him being raped as a child.
  • He does not drink.
  • The scarf that is part of his mask belonged to his deceased mother. It is worn-out and have a few holes in them similar to Xeno's casual clothing.
  • The bones are his favorite type of meal.
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