Yasmeen is a 5 year old ghoul in the 20th ward, under the care of her uncle Abdullah Yousef (Lycan).

Yasmeen Bakr

"You taste terrible....I like you!"
Name Yasmeen Bakr
User NPC /u/CardistryWolf
Alias None
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 5
Gender Female
Birthday [Birthday]
Height 3'4
Blood Type A-
Affiliations :re
Relatives Abdullah Yousef
Ward 20th
Rc Type Ukaku
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Yasmeen is at a normal height and size for her age, if not a little light due to not eating for quite the time since she was stranded in Lebanon. She has long, straight brown hair to below her shoulders with strands of blonde she got from her mother. Her eyes are Amber, the exact shade Abdullah's and Zak's are, with an olive skin tone which is a tad lighter than her fathers.

She likes to only wear the clothing from the sack she had before Abdullah found her, which was upgraded to a Hello Kitty backpack he bought her before they got back to Japan.


So far with her encounters with her uncle, she seems to be a fairly quiet girl with an innocent demeanor to her. When she does speak, she has a slur that with Abdullah's recollection, seems to gradually be getting better ever since he took her in.


Yasmeen is the Illegitimate child of Zakaria Yousef and Laila Bakr, his lover. She grew up alone and poor with her mother and her family, who lost their clothing shop in the bombings by the Syrian regime.

Her father and Abdullah's family made sure to cut off all ties to make sure she wasn't known to be theirs. It has been implied in The Scent Of Jasmine that Yasmeen's mother refused any financial help from the Yousef family, ever since Yasmeen was born, and only being provided for from her mother and grandparents. Yasmeen's mother turned quite religious and introverted following Yasmeen's birth, influencing Yasmeen quite a bit with her remembering many readings and prayers her mother used to teach her.

Yasmeen lived in a broken up home (literally, no roof) with her mother and grandparents. She had a close and loving relationship with her Grandfather, and though cared for by her mother felt a sense of slight neglect and lack of interest in her. This was the case until July 26th, 2016 when a missile hit her home, killing both of her grandparents and forcing Yasmeen and her mother to flee.

(To be continued..)


Type: Ukaku

Appearance: (Unknown)



Mechanics: (Unused in the RP)


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[link thread title] Arc description
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Name Details
Abdullah Yousef When she just met her uncle, Yasmeen did not harbor any serious feelings for him as a guardian, but initially trusted and felt safe with him as her uncle. As time went by and Abdullah proved himself to be caring and focused on her as his adopted child, she began to open up to him slowly and feels more comfortable around him, acting more like a normal child and not being as quiet and reserved.


  • "You taste bad" - Yasmeen to everyone she tries to bite.


  • Her favorite color is purple.

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