Yín Wang is a young, refined ghoul gentleman of Chinese origin that is currently affiliated with The Red Sun.

Yín Wang
Name Yín Wang
User /u/I_Am_The_Brickman
Alias Blossom
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 1.74 m
Weight 79 kg
Affiliations The Red Sun
Ward 3rd Ward
Rating A-
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Yín is a beautiful, if somewhat effeminate-looking young man, standing 1.74 m tall, weighing 79 kilos and sporting an average build despite his athletic frame. His fair skin, combined with his raven, almost shoulder length hair, do a good job in underlining his deep, black eyes. His slender, elegant body is always clad only by the finest of suits - always onyx in colour. When hunting, Yín adds in a plain black mask with a lotus pattern drawn in dark purple on top of it.


Ambitious, loyal and dedicated is the best way to describe Yín. The proud young man is hard to impress, but once someone has earned his respect, they automatically earn his admiration. Highly obedient, he wants nothing more than to prove himself to others (he respects) and make them see his true value. His behaviour in public is highly refined and sophisticated, his elegant mannerisms and considerable eloquence making him a very desirable person to be around. While in his ghoul disguise, he comes off as somewhat arrogant and perhaps overly dramatic and his hunting mannerisms are quite unique.


To be revealed

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Type: Ukaku

Appearance: His kagune takes the form of two radiant, ember-orange coloured, tube-like appendages, about ten centimeters in diameter, that run up his back and go over his shoulders.

Strengths: The kagune is capable of launching massive, **highly powerful** barrages that deal extraordinary amounts of damage.

Weaknesses: The kagune telegraphs its attacks very heavily - it will start glowing and producing a whirring noise before it is ready to fire. It is also quite slow at reloading - it will require significant time to prepare to fire again. The best effective range is close combat, because otherwise Yín risks missing with his valuable shots. Because the kagune is fixed to his shoulders, he can only aim in front of himself - shooting backwards is completely impossible.

Mechanics: Works on a shotgun-like basis.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Starfall - Supernova (Aogiri Tree/Red Sun) Arc Yin and Shouwei encounter two Aogiri rats that appear to be in a dire need for learning some manners.
Platinum - Apex Arc Accompanying the head butler on his trip to the ghoul restaurant, Yin looks for any especially captivating merchandise at the auction to bring back to the Zhi sisters.
Platinum - Red Sun Wrap-Up Arc wrap-up Yin follows Shouwei to the location the two servants were called to, before reporting his experiences about the Rose Club auction to the mistress.
Monochrome - Invasion Arc The head butler and the gladiator head to the 20th Ward in order to conduct some incognito hunting for their mistresses.
Spotlight - Olive Branch Arc Caught unaware by the :re negotiations team, Yín merely goes about his business.
Ascension - King Arc Furious over the demise of one of his patrons, Yín passionately takes up the idea of attacking Aogiri.
Chinese Hospitality Social The elegant Red Sun member attends the banquet staged by his superiors.
The Dawn of the Red Sun Private RP Yin attempts to visit the Zhi sisters, but is halted by Shouwei who informs him that the two siblings are currently busy. The two gentlemen then proceed to kill time together.


Name Details
Zhi sisters Yin deeply admires the Zhi family, calling them his "patrons".
Shouwei The two seem to treat each other with respect and professionalism.




  • Yín is a fan of western culture and is good at poker/blackjack. He also enjoys the occasional cigar. His name means "Silver King".
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