Yuureien (幽霊園, Yūreien, lit. Phantom Garden) is a prestigious nightclub located on the waterfront area of Ariake (有明, Ariake) within the 8th ward. It serves as the base of the Inquisitors

The space has a capacity of over a thousand people and entry costs vary per night depending on customer turnout, though they are often very high even on the cheapest days. They heavily enforce rules on pollution of the nearby bay. The club is noted to be separated into a VIP lounge on the second floor and a larger general area down below.

The entrance to Yuureien is placed to the lower right of the building. Patrons have the option to store their belongings in coin-operated lockers before entering the club. Attendants and adequate bodyguards can be found scattered throughout.

The ground floor is fairly spacious and is loosely divided into many sections. The main section of the club is sometimes referred to as the Aura Borealis (オーラボレアリス, Ōraborearisu), in reference to the high ceiling and glowing lights. Two smaller separate dancefloors are placed off to the upper left and upper right of the building, and an eatery serving purely human food is placed off to the lower left. There are a total of three different bars selling cheap drinks, two of which are placed in between the smaller dancefloors and the main room. The outdoor poolside area in the central back is on the waterfront and can serve as another place for patrons to gather.

There is an open second floor which is reserved for those with special priviledges, namely those holding black cards which grant them access. The lighting and music in the VIP area is significantly less obnoxious and takes on a classier taste. Tables and chairs are arranged in an elegant restaurant-esque manner and servers bring food and drinks on silver platters, suggesting that those who are invited up are prepared to deal with more serious affairs. Ghoul VIPs are offered meat disguised as steak. A large skylight is embedded in the ceiling above a large railed off rectangle which allows those in the VIP section to look down upon the main section of the ground floor.

The second floor is smaller than ground level, firstly due to fewer users and secondly because of the many corridors and rooms that take up some of the second floor. Access to these areas are heavily restricted and require explicit permission from Shidu or Ran.

Attendants and adequate bodyguards can be found scattered throughout the building. The club is thought to cater to both humans and wealthy ghouls, though the latter part may only be rumor due to the well-secluded VIP sections. Entrance to these private rooms are strictly controlled by the leaders of the Inquisitors.

It is thought to be funded by the same organization who sent the initial members of the Inquisitors. The club opens at 7:00 PM each evening and closes at 6:00 AM.

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