Zakaria Yousef was a ghoul roaming the wards of Tokyo.

Zakaria Yousef

Name Zakaria Yousef
User /u/OneEyedTurkey
Alias Fang
Species Ghoul
Status Dead
Age 20
Gender Male
Birthday September 6th 1996
Height 6'0
Weight 160
Blood Type A+
Affiliations None
Relatives Abdullah Yousef (Brother)
Ward 20th
Rating B
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Despite being the brother of Abdullah Yousef, he does not resemble him much, both only known by their shining amber eyes. He is of slightly fairer complexion, with curly, flow-like dark brown hair that reaches his shoulders, which he sometimes ties or braids. Instead of growing out his full beard, he keeps it at a messy looking stubble. He is of tall, yet slim stature, Standing straight at an exact 6 foot.


Zak is quite the cocky and confident character, and loves to slyly reach conversation where he can mention his accomplishments and qualities. \. He wholeheartedly enjoys the rush from crime and mischief, common with his constant run ins with the CCG, despite never once harming an Investigator.


Zak grew up alongside his brother Abdullah in the Syrian village of Deir Al Zour. What is currently known of them is that they participated in many acts of mischief as children. His disobedience throughout his childhood to both his parents and the law heightened to him leaving home at just the age of 16, which as once said by Abdullah was damaging to him and their family, him being the oldest, first son whom the parents had the highest hopes for.

After months of being employed in Aogiri's endeavors, he was found dead, killed by a squad of unknown CCG Investigators as he was on a mission.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strengths: He has high Stamina, and is very strategic in picking fights and how he plays them out.
Weaknesses: Is of only average ghoul strength, and is quite slow even for Bikaku's


Type: Bikaku

Appearance:  Zak's kagune takes the shape of a Wolf's tail, Medium grey, slim, long, and patterned spike-like as wolves fur is, with a dark grey tone to it. It resembled their father's Kagune the most in length and color.

Strengths: Is great at jabbing at enemies, and due to Zak practicing and experimenting with it more, has given him more control over it than the average Bikaku user.

Weaknesses: Like most Bikaku tails, is sensitive to Ukaku kagune projectiles.

Mechanics: Zak is a deceptive fighter, and due to this style in strategy likes to use his kagune for cheap shot moves such as swiping at the feet and slithering it around his enemies when he has the chance.


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Name Details
Abdullah Yousef Their relationship as brothers is quite complicated. As of now Zak deep down, somewhere in his heart loves his brother, but due to his sociopath-like tendencies he felt little guilt abandoning him so easily when leaving home, and depended on his brother getting and growing over it. While Abdullah on the other hand, for many years resented his brother for his carelessness and the sorrow he bought upon him crushing his view of him as an idol, but had an epiphany that he had the power to go after and make amends with his brother.

However Abdullah's efforts failed, and Zak died before they came to any solid terms.




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