Zhao Sun
Name Zhao Sun
User /u/te1794
Alias Tengu

The Fostered Ghoul

Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday July 13
Height 170 cm
Weight 70 kg
Affiliations Bone Eaters (formerly)


Ward 6th ward
Rc Type Koukaku
Rc Level B
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Zhao Sun a ghoul from the 6th ward. He currently works as a night shift security guard at a building in the 6th ward. Zhao also recently joined Antieku as a part time guard there as well.

In the past, he has had two aliases, Tengu and the Fostered Ghoul. The meaning behind both have yet to be revealed.

Appearance Edit

Zhao is tall with a muscular build, especially in the upper body. He has a crew cut which he hates because he had to cut off his long hair which had once been tied into a braid. He also has taken to growing a beard, right now it’s slowly coming in.

Zhao's outfits usually consists of sneakers, black pants and t-shirts, collared shirts, and a large black jacket.

Zhao's work uniform consists of a cap, black boots, black pants, a black collared shirt, and of course, a black jacket with the words "Security" printed in bold.


Personality Edit

In general, Zhao is reserved, but is nice to everyone, human or ghoul. Zhao while a large man, is pretty introverted. For too long has he tried to put himself out there only to fall into trouble. He used to be very cocky during his teenage years, but has settled down. He is fairly clever, as he has managed to hold on to his job as a security guard for about a year and a half. While he does treat humans and ghouls the same, due to his intrversion, he prefers to keep his distance from both.

History Edit

To be further revealed.

What is known about Zhao, is that his parents came with him to Tokyo when he was just 8. The three of them made the 6th ward their home. It was there that Zhao's father made friends with a ghoul called Lee Wei. After both of his parents died, Zhao came under the care of Lee at age 15. It was also at this point that Zhao received both of his nicknames, the Fostered Ghoul and Tengu. The first alias came as the result of his associations with different ghouls in the 6th ward. The second alias came from his mask, which resembles that of a Tengu.

It has also been revealed that Zhao was once the member of a 6th ward group known as the "Bone Eaters." Not much is known about this group beyond it's leader having been Lee Wei and adhering to an ideology that stresses that it is better to eat your dead comrades than let their Kagune fall into the hands of the CCG. It is also known that Zhao had a comrade ghoul named Shen Wei, the younger half-brother of Lee Wei.

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