Zhi Liao is a powerful ghoul of Chinese descent that is currently living in the Ivory Castle Estate located in the 20th Ward. She is the "Knight" of The The Red Sun.

Zhi Liao
Liao Joker
Name Zhi Liao
User /u/KakujaKun
Alias Lilac
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age 27
Gender Female
Height 1.75 m
Weight 68 kilos
Affiliations The Red Sun
Ward 20th Ward
Rc Type Koukaku
Rc Level 3297
Rating S+
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Sporting an extremely attractive hourglass figure, Liao takes considerable pride in her looks. Being of average height and frame, she is 1.75 m tall and weigh 68 kilos. Despite her bone structure not exactly being athletic, she is quite fit and possesses considerably physical ability. Her sharp facial features, dark grey eyes and fair skin are, while cold, shockingly beautiful and enticing. Letting her long, light-brown hair run freely, Liao is happy to showcase her amazing body at every occasion she gets. Liao's usual attire is a white, sleeveless kimono that underlines her features, with a single line of golden embroidery running down its length.


Extremely assertive and outright domineering, Liao's confidence and her belief in her own authority is astonishing. She believes that everyone should be on their knees for her if she wants them to be. She is highly whimsical and only does anything if she feels like doing it. Cocky and arrogant in every way possible, Liao never shows respect. It's always just good manners. When it comes to the few people that she does find interesting, or has already established a bond with, she shows incredible patience and restrains herself from treating them horribly. In social situations, Liao usually behaves softly and remains relaxed until something happens that evokes a stronger emotion within her.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Attributes Edit

  • High-Speed Combatant: Liao is a swift fighter, moving with unparalleled agility and grace on the field of battle. She is a very fast foe, always managing to keep her opponents on edge.

Kagune Edit

  • Koukaku: The Kagune manifests around here right arm, taking the form of a slim and elegant shoulder guard, followed with some plate armour running down her limb. It ends with a long, thin blade protruding forth. The durability of the armour and the blade itself is extraordinarily high. In addition, to sabre is also incredibly sharp. Her Kagune is dark purple in colour.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Platinum - Red Sun Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-up Liao and Yun receive Shouwei and Yin's reports about the Rose Club raid.
Monocrome - Crossroads Arc The elder Zhi drops by the restaurant attack in order to "deliver a message".
Monochrome - Red Sun Wrap-Up Arc Wrap-Up Liao checks up on her sister Yun after the latter's fight with the One-Eyed Cat.
Spotlight - Awaken Arc Sick of boredom, Zhi Liao decides to drop by a Red Sun-on-Aogiri Tree attack. Joining in, she ends up pitted against Daren Blackshire.
Awaken - Part 2 Arc Continuation of the thread above.
Closing time Social The Zhi sisters visit Anteiku due to an interest in the rumours about the place.
Chinese Hospitality Social The Chinese belle scouts out the attendees of the banquet for any more interesting personages in order to present them to her little sister.
The Dawn of the Red Sun Private RP Liao checks on her younger sibling and the two have a brief conversation.
Far from home Private RP The Chinese woman meets Kota Okada.
High Life Private RP The elder Zhi decides to try out visiting one of the local clubs. Once there, she is initially bored, but then meets Daren Blackshire.
Grace Private RP Surprised by a pleasant display of musical skill by Zan, Liao forms up a conversation with him.
A game of Chance Private RP Liao obliges Mizu Kohi's request for an audience.


Name Details
Zhi Yun Liao treats her younger sibling with a great amount of care, as she is the one person in the world that the Chinese woman loves above all. She views her little sister's welfare and happiness as her primary concern and will stop at nothing in order to ensure that Yun's desires are satisfied. Her gentle demeanour even makes her appear somewhat motherly.
Shouwei Having served the family for years now, Liao has grown fond of Shouwei and treats him with respect for all of his diligent work. The two seem to maintain a somewhat professional relationship.




  • Liao's forename means "killing time".
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