Zhi Yun is the younger of the Zhi siblings and a powerful ghoul of Chinese descent. She's the "Queen" of The Red Sun and is currently living in the Ivory Castle Estate located in the 20th Ward.

Zhi Yun



Name Zhi Yun
User /u/Xanzinare
Alias Ivy
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'5' '
Weight 132 lbs
Affiliations The Red Sun
Ward 20th Ward
Rating SS+
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The younger sister has the same light brown hair color as her older sister, although hers is tied back into a long ponytail that reaches down to her waist. Her bangs fall down just past her cheekbones, but she usually has them tucked behind her ears. They also frame her bright silver eyes, which are the same general color as her sister’s but just a lighter and brighter shade. She isn’t as tall as her older sibling, as she cashes in at a lowly 5’5’’. She has a small form to match her short height, weighing in at about 130 lbs. She has pale skin from her long time spent in her room with the curtains drawn, refusing to get out of bed.


Yun is a tough girl to please. Like this, she’s gone most of her life being unsatisfied by what’s before her and as such has adopted a bored attitude with what’s around her…and with that boredom comes laziness. She has a tough time getting out of bed or off the couch in order to go take care of any sort of business, and thinks that the menial day-to-day activities of life aren’t worth the effort required to fulfill them. Sadly liquids need to be consumed on a regular basis and food must be acquired regularly as well in order to continue living, but she’ll usually just ask her sister to go get that stuff for her. She’s carefree and easygoing, although once something captures her attention and enjoyment she’ll suck it dry until there’s no scrap of interest left.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Attributes Edit

  • High physical attributes, as showing of her status as an SS+ ghoul.

Kagune Edit

  • Kagune description: Yun's kagune takes the form of a huge, purple mass of hundreds of long but thin (1cm diameter) Koukaku tendrils running down her arm. When they make contact with their target, the tendrils embed themselves into it via wriggle-like movements, akin to the way worms twist their bodies. Once the tendrils have buried themselves deep within the target, Yun can pull them back, tearing apart her opponent with ease. If the tendrils can wrap around the target completely, they can easily rip it apart into a bloody mess.
  • Kagune strengths: The mechanics of the kagune are its main strength, but other notable features of Yun's kagune are its durability and range, as well as sheer strength.
Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Dawn of the Red Sun Private RP TBD
Closing Time Public RP The Zhi sisters visit Anteiku due to an interest in the rumours about the place.


Name Details
Zhi Liao Older sister to Zhi Yun, and has known her all her life. She's usually the one that fulfills Yun's requests the most in an attempt to appease her fickle younger sister, but obviously to no avail. Despite being stronger than her older sister and technically being the Matriarch, she still defers to Liao's judgment and decisions. Calls her "Jiejie", which is just Chinese for "Older Sister."
Shouwei The head butler to the two Zhi sisters, Yun has complete faith in the man to do whatever she asks without question. When she asks for something, she tells Shouwei and he has never failed to let her down in that regard. She sometimes teases him to try and get him to show some kind of emotion, and it's turned into a kind of game for her. It's one of the only things she does that remotely interests her, so she's appreciative to the butler for that.


  • "Not interesting at all..."



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